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Rohit Vemula: Profile, Girlfriend and Suicide

Rohit Vemula, a bright scholar student of Hyderabad, had committed suicide. The episode has become a national issue ever since his sad demise came into the picture. There are lots of narratives going on from both sides. Opposition and the majority of opposition are blaming Smriti Irani for his suicide. The government denies any hand.
The issue seem to be quite simple, yet there are many questions which remained to be answered. Rohit was rusticated from the hostel. Isn’t it amazing that a student committed suicide because he was rusticated from hostel and the entire opposition is asking for head of the Union HRD minister and a statement in the Parliament from the Prime Minister of India.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students have committed suicide in India. And, no one cares for them.

Dalit or OBC

Late Rohit had always presented himself as a Dalit. After his unfortunate demise, it came to the notice that he was not a Dalit. The Indian media and opposition leaders were creating lots of ‘hulla bol’ because the government action had supposedly led to the suicide of a ‘Dalit Scholar’. But, when it came to the notice that Rohit was not a Dalit, the narrative got changed. What is the issue if he is not Dalit…after all, he was an Indian? But, these people should remember that they had always disregarded questions coming from an upper class student, just because of caste.

The issue is not caste… it is all about politics. Sadly, Indian politicians and journalists like Barkha and Rajdeep have sympathy for someone only on the basis of caste and religion.

Politics on Death

If you take a look on daily newspapers in Delhi, you will find a news about the suicide by a student. But, you will not see Arvind Kejriwal visiting the home of that family. But, you will find Kejriwal going to Hyderabad to question the suicide of Rohit.

The same story goes for Rahul Gandhi and majority of politicians.

What about Smriti Irani

Smriti had got a letter from Dattatreya, BJP politician and a cabinet minister, about something going on in the Hyderabad University. Actually, Rohit had organized a march in the support of Yakub Memon. He succinctly declared a war against the Indian judiciary which had hanged Yakub.

Rohit had never seen a family suffered because of Bombay Bomb Blast because of which Yakub was hanged.

ABVP protested against the march in the support of Yakub Memon. The president of the ABVP was brutally beaten by Rohit and his friends. You will be surprised to know that the President of the ABVP was a Dalit who was beaten by Rohit and his friends. But, Indian media never questioned the public thrashing of a Dalit student. They had issue with an OBC, who maliciously claimed to be a Dalit, getting rusticated.

The HRD ministry forwarded the complaint to the University, which is a normal practice.

The university disciplinary committee recommended action against Rohit and he was rusticated from the hostel. It was not as such a big issue.

Thousands of students in India on a daily basis get rusticated from hostels. You can check any university to check this fact. And, after all, there is clear proof that Rohit and his friends had organized a support march for a terrorist against the judgment of the Supreme Court of India and then he had brutally thrashed a Dalit student; there should have been some action. And, I think the disciplinary committee did nothing wrong.

Girlfriend of Rohit Vemula

Rohit Vemula was having in a relationship with a girl of the same university. According to some sources, the prime reason behind his suicide was not rustication from the hostel, but that girl.

Indian media will never want this truth to come to the fore. But, as we have seen in the Ishrat Jahan case, the truth will someday come to the fore. The real reason behind the sad demise of Rohit will be known to the world. At that time, these media personalities will just keep quite.

Stand of Rohit Vemula

In any case, the death of Rohit is really tragic. A thorough probe must be done on this issue. The government of India should give complete independence to this probe as the India media will start to point finger once the report is out.

Here are two pictures, taken from Rohit Facebook page, which show Rohit thinking. One picture should make AAPtards think twice…

Rohit on Owaise

Rohit Vemula on Arvind Kejriwal

Let's hope that the truth will prevail. Satyamev Jayate.