Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Wife and Girlfriends

Sri Sri Ravishankar is one of the most known and respected spiritual gurus of India. He has huge followers throughout the world. His work through Art of Living Foundation has helped millions of people to easily get rid of stress, ditch violence and overcome societal problems. He is also known for a unique breathing technique and meditation, named Sudarshan Kriya.

Sri Sri was born in Tamil Nadu in a Tamil Brahmin family. He studied from Bangalore University, and later started to work with Mahirshi Mahesh Yogi.

Mahesh Yogi trusted him very much and given him task to set up centers for meditation and Ayurveda. After the demise of Mahesh Yogi, Ravishankar started to work independently and established Art of Living Foundation.

Wife of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

If you listen to any of hon. Sri Sri Speeches on relationships and marital issues, you will be just enlightened. He has very clear ideas about balancing relationship and saving marriages. Thousands of people got benefits in solving their marital and other relationship issues by following Sri Sri advises.

However, the man who understands so much about relationship between husband and wife has never been married.

Sri Sri has always remained a Brahmchari.

It is like an oncologist giving advice to fight cancer. The doctor doesn’t need to be a cancer patient to give one advices. He needs to study and understands various facets of the disease. Similarly, Sri Sri endeavors to understands various parts and parcels of marriage and relationships and gives useful advices – without being ever involved with one.

Girlfriend of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

There is no information in the public domain about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s girlfriend. May be, when he decided to become a Yogi, he was still single and had never dated any girl. His followers also vouch for this theory.

By the way, see eyes of Ravi Shankar in the above photos with Barkha Dutt. Where is he looking at? :-P


  1. Sansar se bhage phirte ho bhagwan ko tum kya paoge

  2. What type of pic is it...this does not prove Barkha is shri's girlfriend...stupid click...lolzzz.