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Tranquil SBL: Review, Side Effects, Benefits and Dosage

Recently, I was under severe stress for both professional and personal reasons. It was quite tough for me brain to handle so much stress, and definitely I was becoming a patient of depression. I was aware of all these things happening with me, and was trying to find a solution. An advertisement on television for SBL Tranquil led me think to try a homeopathic way to handle this problem.

On the same day, I bought Tranquil SBL.

Tranquil is produced and marketed by SBL Pvt. Ltd., the biggest homeopathic manufacturer of India.

It started to show work within 15 days. I just ensured to take it as per instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Review of Tranquil SBL

Generally, we all face some stress in our daily lives. There may not be any problem in tackling these daily doses of stress. However, at certain time, we may have to face lots of stress and anxiety for some or no reasons at all. Tranquil with all of its famous homeopathic components work on the neurons and what it does is to raise the threshold of the brain. This enhancement of threshold helps in easy cope up of anxiety and stress.

I started to see reduction in tension and there was no sight of depression. I started to live my life completely with the same stage of my life.

One thing also that I noticed was better sleep.

Ingredients of Tranquil Homeopathic Medicine

Following are homeopathic ingredients of Tranquil:
-         Abrus Precatorius
-         Atropa B elladonna
-         Aconitum Napellus
-         Chelidonium Majus
-         Calendula Officinalis
-         Viburnum Opulus
-         Zincum Picrium
-         Kali Phosphoricum

Side Effects of Tranquil

I have fairly used it for long duration. However, I have never faced any sort of side effects. Generally, homeopathic medicines do not result in any side effects if users apply necessary care and caution. And, I ensured to take it in right dose and in a right way.

It can be taken even if you are taking allopathic medicine. Just ensure to not take both simultaneously. Keep some distance between these two forms of medicines.

Dosage of Tranquil

It should not be given to children below 12 years of age.

Following is the recommended dose of Tranquil:

Children: 1 tablets 4 times a day
Adults: 2 – 3 tablets 4 times a day

If your physician has prescribed a different dose, please follow the prescription.

In the end, I would highly recommend Tranquil to anyone suffering from stress, depression, anxiety and even insomnia. It works without any sort of side effects, whatsoever.