Who is Wife of Binny Bansal, Flipkart CEO?

Binny Bansal is the co-founder of Flipkart, the biggest online retailer of India. He is known for being a cool guy, unlike Sachin Bansal who is considered to be of short tempered.

Binny was named the new CEO of Flipkart in 2016. He replaced the other co-founder and close friend Sachin Bansal. In another reorganization in January, 2017, Binny Bansal was promoted as Group CEO while Kalyan Krishnamurthy was made CEO of FlipKart. 

It is said that Sachin was pushing too hard to make Flipkart an app only e-commerce company. Sachin wanted to close the business of Flipkart Website. He did the same thing with Myntra, and effectually killed the brand. Binny was miffed with this attempt and was requesting Sachin to desert the idea. In this era of cut throat competition, Binny didn’t want competitor like Amazon India and SnapDeal getting even a small chunk of its customers through the website. Sachin remained unperturbed and hence Binny decided to call it a day. This had created a sort of drama and the board managed to pacify Binny by offering him the CEO profile.

Binny is creating news everywhere. However, very few people are aware of his wife. You will find too little information about her. This is quite amazing that media has no interest in showing the personal life of Binny Bansal.

The name of Binny wife is Trisha Vasudeva. Obviously, she has now changed her maiden name and known as Trisha Bansal.

Love Story of Binny and Trisha Bansal

Binny come in contact with Trisha during his IIT days. At that time, Trisha was doing Engineering from YMCA Engineering College, Faridabad. Actually, she belongs to Faridabad. Trisha had went to IIT for some project submission in a national level seminar. Binny met her there and they became friends. Few months later, Binny proposed Trisha who readily accepted the proposal.

They remain in touch while Binny went to the USA for job and then returned back to India to start Flipkart.

They decided to get married in 2010. That was a love-cum-arrange marriage which happened on 7th February, 2010.

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