Current Girlfriend of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was broken when he got a Whatsapp message in the midnight. That was from Anushka Sharma, his girlfriend. Anushka threatened to break the relationship, if Virat doesn’t keep on following her all instructions, including not talking with any girls. Virat was already not happy with the way Anushka was treating him. And, hence, he decided to move on. He replied and clearly told Anushka to go away from his life.

The next morning, the world was different for both of them. They were one of the most talked couples of 2015. And, in the beginning of this year, the break up happened. 

Anushka realized her mistake and tried to persuade Virat. She understood the importance of Virat Kohli for her career as the relationship had kept her in the limelight. She kept on getting publicity without doing anything special. But, that was going to be history.

Current Girlfriend of Virat Kohli

It seems Virat has become a better player and a perfect human being after dissociating with Anushka Sharma. His performance in the field has been marvelous after the break up. He is also sharing happy moments with his fans on Twitter and Instagram. He is spending quality time with his mother, who is closest to his heart.

And, Virat is learning that being single may be the best thing for him as of now. He decided to not be in any committed relationship for time being.

But, there is also a history of him. He has never been without a girlfriend once he joined the Indian Cricket Team. Will he be able to control his urge to keep a girl in his arms? It seems very unlikely.

There is also no denying that girls are trying to be closer to him. They are finding it a great opportunity to be in the limelight. Many new comer Bollywood actresses are also trying their best to be close to him. It is said that ever since Virat’s break up with Anushka, Shruti Hassan is trying to be in the inner circle of Virat Kohli.

Virat is also friendly with Shruti Hassan because once she was the girlfriend of Suresh Raina. It will be interesting to see whether Virat will go for committed relationship with Shruti Hassan or he will elongate the phase of being single.

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