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Karnieka Kumari: Profile, Husband and Death

Generally, Digvijay Singh is quite hated figure among middle class Indians. It is because of series of idiotic statements he had given. At one time, he tried to defame the entire Hindu population. Sometimes, he tried to glorify Pakistan and went to the extent of blaming Indians for the brutal attack on Mumbai in 2008 – notoriously known as Mumbai 26/11.

He was also ridiculed for marrying girlfriend Amrita Rai. The age difference between them was quite huge. It is also alleged that Digvijay was just a sex predator and fell into the trap of Amrita. Now, he has to give her a part of royal property.

Karnieka Kumari and Cancer

However, Digvijay Singh is getting sympathy across the political spectrum and Indian people. It is because of the sad demise of his daughter Karnieka Kumari.

Karnieka died of cancer on 29th April, 2016 at Max Hospital, Saket. In fact, there was no hope for her life and the family was just waiting for this sad day. That is why they didn’t think of taking her to the USA for further treatment.

Digvijay has five children and Karnieka was fourth among them. She was born on 27th April, 1979. Hence, at the young age of 37, she left the world.

She was married on 23rd November, 2005 with Prince of Wadhwan, Yuvraj Sidhharth Singh Ji.

It is worth mentioning here that Asha Singh, the first wife of Digvijay Singh, was also died due to Cancer in 2013. Just after the death of Asha Singh, Diggi forgot everything and made physical relationship with Amrita Rai.


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