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Ritika Sajdeh: Profile, Love Story, and Family

Rohit Sharma is a flamboyant Indian cricketer. Sports analysts term him as a hugely talented cricketer. However, unfortunately, he lacks the consistency. He is also known for playing some of the most striking innings in the history of ODI cricket, including that 264 against Sri Lanka. He has scored two ODI double centuries which is a testimony of his talent. He is equally successful in shortest version, T20, and longest version, Test Cricket.

This article is about Ritika Sajdeh, the beautiful wife of Rohit Sharma. Previously, Ritika was known as a sports manager. However, now she has become quite popular.

Profile of Ritika Sajdeh

Ritika Sajdeh was born on June 14th, 1987. She has done her education from Mumbai. One of her relatives, BuntySajdeh was involved with sports management. Ritika was quite close to Bunty, from him she learnt the art of sports management.

Naturally, Ritika also became a sports manager. She was primarily interested in cricketing personalities, and has managed many icons, including Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh.

Yes, you heard it right. Being becoming a life partner, Rohit Sharma was a client of Ritika. However, he was also a close friend. At that time, Rohit was dating Sofia Hayat. It is said that Sofia asked Rohit to be away from Ritika as she was not happy with closeness they shared. Rohit bluntly refused to do so and which resulted in his break up with Sofia Hayat.

Ritika continued to remain a friend of Rohit Sharma and kept on managing his events and advertisements.

Ritika is living in Cuff Parade Mumbai with her parents and one brother named Kunal Sajdeh.

Ritika is said to be quite close to Yuvraj Singh. They, in fact, share a brother – sister relationship.

Love Story of Ritika and Rohit Sharma

As mentioned above, the relationship of Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat broke up just because of Ritika. It was quite amazing for Ritika that Rohit had sacrificed his relationship for her. Naturally, she came even closer to him. She has started to watch all matches of Rohit Sharma, even domestic matches. She started to call him – my main man. Obviously, the fire was lighting from both ends.

One find morning, Rohit Sharma requested Ritika to accompany him to Borivili ground. She accepted the offer and went there. At the ground, Rohit proposed Ritika. It was later revealed that Rohit had played his first match as an 11 year old kid on this same ground. He thought that it is cricket which brought Ritika to his life and hence decided to propose her on his first ground.