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Ashutosh Niranjan: Profile, Family and Wife

Gonda district in Uttar Pradesh is quite infamous for organized crime, rampant corruption and administrative mismanagement. There were little hope for locals that things will change in a positive way. However, a young IAS officer changed everything within one month. His name is Ashutosh Ranjan.

Ever since Ashutosh became the District Magistrate of Gonda, he started a sort of passionate administrative reform, without restructuring any set up. The tough action taken by him from the very first day changed the environment. Within one month teachers started to regularly attend classes and offices used to fill up with staffs by 9: 30 AM. Helplessness among locals is now conspicuous by its absence.

On 4th May, 2016, just 34 days after becoming the district magistrate of Gonda, Ashutosh made a sort of history. He created a staggering 47,000 jobs in a single day. This was a great achievement coming just four days after the International Labor Day – May 1. You might have heard lots of negativity surrounding around MNREGA, but Ashutosh has shown that better planning and resolve to help poor can make this employment guarantee scheme a milestone in the poverty alleviation.

Profile of Ashutosh Niranjan

Ashutosh was born in Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh. He did initial schooling from here and then moved to Kanpur from where he completed graduation. He started preparation for Civil Service while working in Noida.

Ashutosh cracked UPSC Civil Services Examination in his first attempt in 2009 with flying colors. His All India Rank was 11 and he got his first preference during allocation of cadres; that is UP. Ashutosh Ranjan is an OBC.

He has worked in UP in various capacity and has got admiration from seniors. He is a flamboyant officer who doesn’t like incapacity in administrative set up.

Wife and Family

Ashutosh Niranjan, IAS with wife Sonia

Ashutosh married Sonia in 2012. The couple has a son. Sonia is also well-educated. However, she has preferred to not work and perform the duty of a caring mother and loving wife of a powerful husband.

Initiatives of Ashutosh Niranjan



  2. Gonda in a safe hand of honourable District magistrate shri Ashutosh Niranjan.


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