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Boyfriend of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur

Sadhvi Pragya is going to come out of Jail after 8 long years. She has become a sort of controversial where Right Wingers are supporting her while Congress, AAP and Leftist supporters are calling for her head. There is also no denying that she is suffering from critical disease, including advanced stage breast cancer and serious spinal problem, and hence needs to be treated with care. She is also under intense media scrutiny. This article focuses on her personal life regarding her relationship status.

Boyfriend of Sadhvi Pragya

It is a known fact that Pragya Singh Thakur is unmarried. She will remain so throughout her life, like Sadhvi Ritambara and Sadhvi Uma Bharti. However, is there anyone with whom she had romantic relationship? We all know about Uma Bharti, a Sadhvi, and her relationship with Govindacharya.

When Sadhvi was arrested on the charges of having a hand in Malegaon Bomb Blast, the NIA had given reason about a bike found on the spot. Bomb was kept on this bike. Little bit of investigation gave NIA a link about the owner who was in Gujarat. Little more scratching on the surface led NIA to Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, the original owner of that bike.

When interrogated, Sadhvi told the investigator that she had sold the bike to one Sunil Joshi four years back. She had also shown them the paper for transfer of ownership. NIA came to know that Sunil Joshi was murdered in a suspicious way 8 months before the blast. They have also found that Sunil Joshi was a strong link between 3 – 4 bomb blasts allegedly done by Hindus, including gruesome Samjhauta Express Blast.
They kept on investigation and found the Sunil Joshi had very good relationship with Sadhvi Pragya.

Sunil Joshi

Here is the relevant information you may want to know: Sunil Joshi was the boyfriend of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur.

Sunil was a RSS pracharak and Sadhvi Pragya was working for Durga Vahini. They came in contact in a friendly manner and Sunil bought the bike of Sadhvi. Gradually, they became close friends.

They were having close relationship, but Pragya Singh Thakur was quite confused about that. She had taken oath to not make sexual relationship in this life. Sunil Joshi was also a bachelor, but wanted to have sexual relationship. According to one charge sheet filed by NIA, Sadhvi Pragya had planned the murder of Sunil Joshi because he was adamant to make sexual relationship with her. Due to some circumstances, she was not able to dissociate with him, but also not wanted to make sexual relationship. Disturbed with sexual advancement of Sunil Joshi, she plotted for his murder.

It should be noted here that Sadhvi Pragya has one more legal trouble after getting absolved from terror charges. That is a chargesheet has already been filed against her for Sunil Joshi murder case.