Jagdish Sonkar, IAS: Profile, Family and Details

Jagdish Sonkar is an IAS Officer of 2013 batch. He has been allotted Chhatisgarh cadre. Before becoming an IAS officer, he was a qualified doctor. He started civil career as a hero and work tirelessly. Apart from performing his official duty which was loaded with heavy responsibilities owing to development administration issues of Maoists hit areas, he used to see poor patients free of cost. In this context, it was really shocking for people known to him that Jagdish has fallen so much and has become such an insensitive creature while visiting a nutrition health center that he put up his foot on the bed while interacting with the mother of a baby patient. Does he consider his duty as a part of benevolent despotism or enlightened despotism? 

Jagdish Sonkar, IAS, treating a patient

Profile of Jagdish Sonkar

Jagdish was born on 30 December, 1980. His father is quite rich and never compromised with the education of Jagdish and other children. Further, being an affluent member of ‘reserved category’ Jagdish was always getting undue privilege from the Indian state, like thousands of other privileged people of India.

He is rich and was never required to work hard to become something special in his life. He got admission into the Mahatma Gandhi College, Indore and did MBBS. There was nothing he could have done after getting this degree. He started to prepare for Civil Services. He was free of any tension or something like that as he was always aware of ‘reservation factor’. There was no problem of age and number of attempts for him.

He cracked the exam in 2012 and got All India Rank of 459 with just 782 marks in the Main examination and only 171 in Interview. But, as you might know, there is nothing to worry about in India if you are rich and belong to reserved category. With such a low rank, he got prestigious IAS. Poor candidates belonging to General category with far better rank couldn’t get IAS, as there need to be some special treatment for these so called down trodden people who have already gotten MBBS degree.

Visiting a Hospital

While working as an SDO, Mr. Jagdish decided to show poor people that he is not just an IAS officer, but also a qualified doctor. He visited a government run hospital for ‘inspection’. And, how he inspected the hospital can be seen in the following picture.

Jagdish Sonkar, IAS

Isn’t it inhuman? Why do bureaucrats still consider themselves as worthy of special treatment? But, more problematic is the issue of reservation. If you keep on selecting these types of illiterates – literacy is comparative and he is definitely illiterate among other poor general category candidates – you are going to find these types of morons as bureaucrats. This scum holds an MMBS degree and doesn't understand that his posture may lead to infection to the baby. His attitude as an IAS officer is quite arrogant and behaving like a king. By the way, next time, if he plans to go to IIM on study leave and will appear for CAT, the Constitution of India will make him again eligible for reservation. 

IAS Association has severely criticized this officer. Some stern disciplinary action may be taken against this emotionless and uncultured officer who needs to send back to Mussorie to let him understand the difference between service and job.


Social media is a cruel world. It can decimate the aura of any person in no time. This arrogant and uncivilized officer should have learnt the power of social media. He had to tender an apology on the Facebook Page. Going through the apology, the link of which is shared by a user in the comment section, you will notice that he is completely insincere. He wrote few lines, taking a cew from Arvind Kejriwal, to gain sympathy. 


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Here is a picture of the same person: go through this link

  2. Having a degree from a college or an university does not mean that one is educated. It just means you are literate. There is a difference between being literate and being educated. A literate means he can read and write but an educated means who can think, analyse and differentiate between the right and the wrong.

    Mannerisms do not come with degrees. Mannerisms are taught by way of upbringing. And mannerisms are acquired as part of tradition.

    1. Anonymous5:09 AM

      absolutely right.

  3. this is a morphed picture...i can BET!!!.....look at his leg and the polish of his shoe vanishing halfway...the layer of his face is in focus whereas the face of the lady in the same layer is out of focus...this is shoddy morphing....nonsense!!!

  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

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  5. Nothing but a part of your propaganda against Reservation.. You cowards..

    1. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Reservation ensures that garbage reaches to top. FOCUS ON MERIT, COMPETE ON LEVEL GROUND. This same IAS in few years will take bribes and then cry that he is being discriminated as he is from reserved category. COWARDS SHAME

    2. Anonymous10:25 PM

      Crying on reservations is another form of caste discrimination. SICK MINDS

  6. Nothing but a part of your propaganda against Reservation.. You cowards..

    1. I don't want to say that Dr. Sonkar's behavior is inappropriate because he belongs to a certain group or caste. Do you support him putting his legs on the couch? Do you think this particular behavior is unacceptable? Then please spell it out.
      Please, do not make everything a caste issue.

  7. Anonymous2:28 PM

    This is the tragedy of our times.

  8. Anonymous12:30 AM

    In case you think that picture is morphed, check his apology on his Facebook wall. https://www.facebook.com/jagdish.sonkar.58

    Would he stand like this if the patient was his own relative?

    1. Link to khali hai bhai

  9. manners and atiket are not tought but experienced from amily and society

  10. Are you mentally ill! how can you call lower caste people as garbage?
    i can also use inhuman words like you but first let me be polite and bring some facts across you!
    1.) Completing an MBBS degree needs a great determination and hardwork which has nothing to do with reservations ,if this guy have completed MBBS that means he deserves to be a qualified doctor.
    2.)Giving advantages to reserved catagory is important as they were deprived of their rights back in history and to uplift them we have to give them certain advantages so that we can make India a equal status country where all castes are equal without reservations again the upper class will dominate the lower section of poor society and you will be the first one to take advantage from lower caste ppl
    3.)Mr Jagdeesh is serving in an area where you may never dare to go, an area full of extremists and naxals ,Indian government might have recognised the hardwork of this determined IAS and hence sent him to a place where he needs to create a sense of trust on the people who are eager to kill him . Do you have the ass to work in an area where even electricity is hard to find.
    4.) Sonkar is a community which has a rich past of fighting with Mughals are saving hindus from being converted regardless of caste ,this is called equality.If Mr Jagdish;s ancestors would not have saved your ancestors no wonders your penis would had been sliced off on your birth.
    5.)The picture that you are showing is a nonsense ,if you try to look with a justified eyes you can notice the guy is trying to listen the problems of that poor lady and as he might be tired adressing everyone there personally he just kept his leg to relax unaware of the fact that he is insulting the ppl there.Ya was at fault but he was unawre of his fault.

    and now i will say something in the language you used for the lower caste people.
    Even our prime minister is a lower caste guy who is ruling every one in India proving water at you hose so that you can wash your ass. i recomend you to wash your brain too.As the 2 chief justice of India are also from lower caste because of which you are safe at your home otherwise anyone will rape your sister and no one will even give a dam without a good legal system which a lower caste person runs where their is no reservation.
    Actually you are a lower caste , as you have a very low IQ level and with such a low grade thinking India can never progress

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Do you really think you justified all this? Pity!

  11. Anonymous6:15 PM

    There you go another Moron Sonkar trying to justify ! Lower caste will be the lower caste what ever u fuckin do