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Lalitha Ramaiyah: Profile and Family Details

Lalitha Ramaiyah is the mother of infamous Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya and wife of Late Vittal Mallya. She is living in London and kicking without caring the fate of her son who is entangled in lots of cases back in India.

Lalitha and Vittal Mallya

Lalitha was the first wife of Vittal Mallya. Yes, the senior Mallya had also married thrice. He was close to none of them and kept on looking for more and more girls. True to the spirit and genetic coding of his father, Vijay Mallya also married thrice and living with none of them. Rather, he has chosen Pinky Lalwani as soul mate in this time of crisis.

As mentioned above, Vijay is the son of Lalitha, who is the first wife of Vittal. Similarly, Siddharth is the son of Vijay Mallya from his first wife. There is one difference, though. Vittal didn’t go for divorce with any of his wives, but Vijay went on to divorce two of his wives.

Lalitha is said to be the woman who had the biggest impression on Vijay Mallya. You may hate Vijay Mallya, but you have to admit that he is a gifted person endowed with amazing intelligence. Lalitha remained with him throughout his teenage years. In fact, she used to live with Vijay in Kolkata while Vittal was in Bangalore.

When Vijay Mallya went for her first assignment in Hatidah, Mokamah of Bihar, Lalitha went with him. She was aware of the fact that Mokamah area of Bihar is quite notorious for criminals and Vijay may not be safe in that area. She did everything to protect Vijay from all possible problems. However, at this stage, she can’t do anything.

Lalitha and Siddharth Mallya

Recently, Siddharth posted a picture on Twitter where he is seen drinking with his grandmother – Lalitha Ramaiya. People started to question this tequila moment when his father is facing fraud charges. As if he is not giving a fucking thought about happenings in India!

Lalitha Ramaiyah with Siddharth Mallya

More shocking was the old lady Lalitha who was also seen drinking with Sidharth.