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Nidhi Chaphekar: Profile, Husband and Family

Killing innocents and unarmed people, including women and children, cannot be termed as an act of bravery. In fact, it is cowardice act. But, that is what Islamic terrorists are doing throughout the world. For some unknown reason, they are indiscriminately killing innocents. They are getting brainwashed because of some wrong interpretation of Koran. The recent case is Brussels Airport bomb blast. The modus operandi of these cowards is more or less same. They just keep on changing locations.

Nidhi Chaphekar, an Indian and a member of Jet Airways Crew, has become the face of Bursels attack. One of her pictures taken just after the blast where she is seen in complete shock with severe burn injury had become viral over the social media platforms.

Profile of Nidhi Chaphekar

Nidhi was always a brilliant student. She is a Marathi Brahmin and did her education from Mumbai. She had joined Jet Airways in 1996 as a trainee and since then has worked with the same Airline. She was currently working as a senior crew member.

The husband of Nidhi is Rupesh Chaphekar. They got married in 2000. This was a love marriage. The family income was good and they are staying happily until some dogs masquerading as human decided to bomb the Brussels Airport. Nidhi along with Amit Motwani, another crew member of Jet Airways, were severely injured. Fortunately, both of them are safe now.

Nidhi had suffered 15 % burn injury and one of her legs was also fractured. But, more than physical injury, it was psychological which was medically creating problems for her. That was a challenge for doctors.

Nidhi was treated in Brussels and got consciousness only after 25 days of attack. She remained in a sort of comma. When her situation started to improve, she was allowed to go to Mumbai where she was immediately admitted to the prestigious Breech Candy Hospital for further treatment.

Nidhi and Rupesh have two children – Vardhan and Vrishi Chaphekar. The family stays in Mumbai.


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