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Rocky Yadav: Profile, Family and Girlfriend

Unfortunate events keep on happening in India. Few people got infuriated by the news that a Muslim man in their locality has killed a cow and going to cook beef. They allegedly attacked the home of the innocent Muslim guy and killed him. This news infuriated the intellectual community of India. Awards were started to get returned. 
Amir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan made statements and called India an intolerant nation. Thousands of articles and editorials were written. The name and fame of India was degraded by Indians for this incident, which was definitely sordid but had nothing to prove that India has become intolerant.

Fast Forward……. A guy was driving on the road on Rs. 1 Crore SUV in Gaya. He was accompanied by body guards of his mother. He blew horn to indicate a Swift Desire car ahead of him to give side. The drive of Swift Desire didn’t give any heed. The guy got infuriated. He thought how the occupants of Rs. 8 Lakhs car dare to not give side to Rs. 1 Crore SUV. He overtook the car and blocked the road. Maruti Swift also stopped behind him. He got down and first thrashed the driver. The car was occupied by 4 students of Nazreth Academy who were returning from a birth day party. All of them folded their hands and apologized. The guy allowed them to go and as soon as the car went ahead of him, he fired on the rear window. An innocent student who was not even driving the car and was sitting on the back of the seat got killed. The guy got satisfied that finally he killed a person.

There was pin drop silence among intellectuals. If killing of that Muslim man named Akhlaq was an intolerant act, what about this? Eminent Intellectuals thought otherwise. For them, this is just a road rage incident nothing to worry about. Since killer was the son of JDU leader, they decided to keep their mouth shut and wait for any incident where they can malign Narendra Modi. #JusticeforAkhlaq will become a trend in India, where #JusticeforAditya will remain grounded on few lips.

The name of the guy is Rakesh Ranjan….also known as… Rocky Yadav.

Rocky Yadav

Profile of Rocky Yadav

Rocky Yadav is the son of Bindi and Manorama Yadav. Bindi is a known criminal of Gaya. There are many cases of serious crimes being investigated against him. His wife is JDU MLC. He was also the Chairman of Gaya Zila Parishad at one time.

Bindi Yadav has always taught his son to be a dare devil guy. He sent him to Delhi where he was told to join a shooting class.

Rocky Yadav

Rocky did schooling from Ranchi. Later shifted to Delhi from where he completed 12th from Army School. He did graduation and currently doing MA in JNU. He is also said to be preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination. It is really shocking how this guy got admission into the prestigious JNU.  However, in reality, he was not studying. He is not enrolled with any educational institution. He is just becoming a sharp shooter. He has joined a firing range to practice shooting…. to practice killing innocent people. He is having lots of SUV in Delhi.

Rocky has also got license to keep firearms. You will be surprised to know that this has been given in Delhi. Now, both Delhi Police and Delhi Government will have to reply how they thought it fit to give firearm license to Rocky Yadav, whose father was arrested for keeping more than 6000 live cartridges and who has serious cases like murder and robbery filed against him.

It is even more shocking that this man who was riding on the adrenaline of power was keeping an Italian revolver costing Rs. 15 lakhs. He was actually roaming on the road of Gaya to kill someone. God knows how many people he has already killed.

Rocky doesn’t believe in making a committed relationship with any girl. In fact, he is a habitual sex offender. His friends say that he keeps on changing girls on weekly basis in Delhi. He has so much black money to spend.

Rocky Yadav is also related to that dreaded RJD rapist MLA Rajballabh Prasad Yadav of Nawada. His mausi is married to the brother of Rajballabh Yadav. In fact, Rajballabh was hiding in Gaya in Bindi Yadav home to evade arrest.


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