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Tanmay Bhatt: Profile and Controversies

There must be a line when you are making jokes on others. When it comes to playing with the sentiments of people, you need to use some sensitivity. Tanmay Bhatt, the big ass so called comedian of AIB, is repeatedly creating craps. His joke has no substance and at times you just wonder why people around you are laughing. Well, if you love expletives and abuses and term that a joke, you are going to be a fan of Tanmay Bhatt.

Profile of Tanmay Bhatt

Tanmay Bhatt is a basically a standup comedian. He is constantly in news for wrong reasons, for creating controversies. His is a personality which thrives on abusing emotional people.

Tanmay has done schooling from S. C Barfiwala School. He was never a good student, but was popular among colleagues from being ‘too lazy and using expletives’ every time.

Few years later, he along with Gursimran Khamba founded AIB – All India Bakchod. AIB became quite popular in a very short span of time.

Tanmay Bhatt and Controversies

Following are some of controversies involving
Tanmay Bhatt:

Abusing Lord Ganesha

In a series of tweets, Tanmay had severely abused Lord Ganesha and mocked worshiper. His thoughts on Ganesha was quite idiotic, to say the least. Nothing can be termed as joke. There were lots of complaints against him and famous media personalities of India protected him citing his Freedom of Expressions. Can FOE constitute abusing someone’s sensitivities.

Tanmay remained unfazed and these tweets can still be seen on his timeline. He never apologized about them.

Against Christianity

He had also tweeted against Jesus Christ. This time also there were some complaints against him. But, since he didn’t say anything against Hinduism, there were no powerful voices from Indian media to take sides with him.

To avoid controversy, he and AIB decided to apologize.

You said anything against Christianity, and you apologize. You should have also followed the same rule for Hinduism.

Abusing Girls and Behaving like a Pedophile

You should just see some of his tweets to understand the psychology of this man. Can you club these tweets under any Freedom of Expression clauses.

On Sachin and Lata Mangeshkar

Tanmay posted a video where he mocked Lata and Sachin Tendulkar. There were huge Twitter backlash and again lots of media personalities came forward for Tanmay. If you have seen Laughter Challenge or Kapil Sharma Comedy Shows, you will find many instances where Lata Di and Sachin were mocked. There is nothing wrong in that. Then, why did this backlash against Tanmay?

Because, Tanmay wished for the death of old lady Lata Mangeshkar.

Don’t forget that both of these icons are Rajya Sabha members as well as Bharat Ratna.

Abusing North East Indians

It is a crime to abuse or use derogatory and racial words for our North Eastern Indians. But, Tanmay considers that he has got the right of freedom of expression to an extent that even becoming racist is no issue. See this tweet, which he has now deleted:

 This is plain racial attack on a section of Indian. It is an offence under the IPC. But, for Tanmay and his media friends, freedom of expression is more important than abusing anyone, whosoever that might be.

We understand that a joke should not be taken seriously. Rather, we Indians have a problem of making a serious issues like a joke. But, deeds of Tanmay Bhatt are just offending.