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Sanjay Dubey, IAS and His IITian Son: Fraud or Vendetta

Anand Rai is widely regarded as the whistle blower of Vyapam Scam. He single handedly fought a battle and saved the career of many deserving candidates in Madhya Pradesh. Many in different parts of country are just wishing to find their own ‘Anand Rai’, particularly in Bihar where it is quite easy to get job and even top the exam with dubious means and political connections under Lalu-Nitish misrule.

Anand Rai has recently made a serious allegation against Commission of Indore, Sanjay Dubey – an IAS officer. Sanjay’s son Shantanu has got admission in IIT Mumbai through handicap quota.

What’s the truth?

There is no denying that Shantanu is now an IIT Bambay guy. But, if the allegations made by Anand Rai and others are true that he is 100% fit, it will be a very serious issue. It is not only making an entry into the prestigious institute, but also taking away seat of a deserving handicap student.

Another guy Abhishek Mishra came forward and made a sensational video where he had given all necessary proofs to substantiate claims that Shantanu isn’t a handicap and his admission should be cancelled. Unfortunately, You Tube has deleted the video and a message is shown there that the video isn’t available because of a defamation notice.
Obviously, Sanjay Dubey had filed the defamation and the video was removed.

It must be underlined here that we really don’t know the truth. If Shantanu is not handicap, his batchmates will get to know about this sooner or later and hence he will be caught. And, if he is really a handicap and fulfil the necessary criteria then it should be again be taken as a very serious issue of making a handicap suffer without any proof.

In any case, Sanjay Dubey should do just one thing rather than filing defamation stuffs against You Tube. He should just upload the necessary proofs.

As per Anand Rai that documents regarding handicap has been provided by a private hospital in Indore. He has uploaded all necessary documents and has said that he has enough documents to even prove that Shantanu is not a handicap. Unfortunately, he has not uploaded any such proofs till now.

The Constitution of India while giving Fundamental Rights to Indians allowed state to break the Rights of Equality in favor of SC/ST, backward castes and others, including handicap people. Use of this favor granted for handicap by a normal person can be termed as a Constitutional fraud. It is high time when Sanjay Dubey should come forward and let the world know the truth. 


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    In IIT, one never comes to know about the Caste, or Admission Category, so he may escape even if he has submitted false certificate


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