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Vaibhav Krishna, IPS: Profile and Family

Vaibhav Krishna is a dynamic and result oriented 2010 batch IPS Officer. He belongs to Uttar Pradesh cader. He was recently in news for the horrific incident of gang rape that happened in Bulandshahr for which he was suspended.

This strict action by Akhilesh Yadav Government has shocked many. There was obviously some dereliction of duty in this case by low level official. Suspending the senior officers was not warranted. The government should have given him little more time. This reshuffle may only take the case out of track.

Profile of Vaibhav Krishna

Vaibhav was born on 12 December, 1983 in Baraut which is located in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. His father K. K. Sharma is a doctor by profession.

Vaibhav has always been a brilliant student throughout his schooling. He cracked IIT JEE and took admission in IIT – Roorkey. After completing B. Tech. he started preparation for UPSC Civil Services Examination. Again, he cracked UPSC CSE in 2009 in his first attempt and secured 86 ranks. He got IPS service with his home cader, Uttar Pradesh.

As soon as, he came to the state after completing training from Hyderabad, he started to show that there is an attitude of no-nonsense in his working style. In no time, he became a matter of concern for many politicians.

Vaibhav Krishna became quite popular in Ghazipur district which happened to be his first posting as an SP. He shunted out criminals in no time and tried his best to make the area crime free. In the process, he had to bear the ruthlessness of the lawlessness of the SP Government. When he booked Amarnath Yadav in a murder case, Kailash Yadav who is a minister ensured that he got transfer order. The locals of Ghazipur hit road demanding reinstatement of Vaibhav Krishna. They feared return of gundaraj once Vaibhav go out of the district. But, the government didn’t give any heed.

Vaibhav worked with same zeal where he was posted to. He was also working quite brilliantly in Bulandshahr, but this sad incident made sure that a scar is fixed on his police attire in the form of suspension.

There is no denying that the incident of Bulandshahr is horrific and anyone who is involved as well as everyone from the official side who neglected the episode should be punished. But, at this stage, the suspension order of Vaibhav Krishna seems to be quite tough and has been taken to give opposition parties something to cheer about.