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Sakshi Malik: Profile, Family and Boyfriend

Sakshi Malik became the first female wrestler of India to have won an Olympic medal. Wrestling in India is always considered a male sport and Sakshi’ effort has broken this sexist thinking. She belonging to Haryana, a state known for killing female foetus, is even more inspiring. Sakshi has become an inspiration for millions of Indian youths aspiring to be a world class sportsman because of her grit, hard work, never-say-die attitude and perseverance. This is the result of decade long tough battle that she fought against all odds. Her attitude during the Rio Olympic showed the same pattern when she always came back from behind. When everyone thought her out, she showed her determination. 


Profile of Sakshi Malik

Sakshi was born on September 3, 1992 in Rohtak, Haryana (Mokhra village). At that time, girl child was more or less hated in Haryana for strange reasons. But, Sakshi’ parents – Sudesh and Sukhbir – were different. They not only ensured good education and solid upbringing to her, but also let her choose the career she wanted to pursue. When she conveyed her decision to become a wrestler, her parents didn’t raise any question. She was only 12 at that time. Rather, they started to invest money into her. They took her to Ishwar Dahiya at Chhotu Ram Stadium for training. Wrestling was a strange career choice for a girl belonging to a middle class family. Here, credit must be given to the parents of Sakshi who did everything and their effort coupled with strong determination of Sakshi has made India proud.

Sakshi' father Sudesh Malik is a bus conductor working Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). Her mother is also a government clerk. Sakshi Malik is a Jat by caste and her height is 1.63 cm.

It should also be mentioned here that when Ishwar Dahiya started to train Sakshi, there were lots of protest against him. Ishwar was also determined to not bulge and he let Sakshi fight with the best of male wrestler in the region. Six years later, Sakshi made Dahiya proud by winning a Bronze in the World Junior Championship in 2010. Since then there is no looking back. She had also won a Silver medal in 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Further, the Indian Wrestling Federation has never helped Sakshi. It must be quite embarrassing for corrupt sports officials while they were watching Sakshi standing proud on the podium with the Bronze medal.

Sakshi is also a good student. She is only wrestler in the Indian contingent to Rio who can speak fluent English. She has completed Graduation and now pursuing M. A. (Physical Education) from Dayanand University. Her aim is to train girls in various sports.

She is also an employee of the Indian Railways.

Sakshi is already going to get Crores of Rupees from the Union Government, Haryana Government, Railway, JSW, and many other organizations.

Boyfriend of Sakshi Malik

It should be noted that Sakshi’ parents were ridiculed in the locality for letting their daughters becoming a wrestler. They were saying that Sakshi has become unwanted for good boys and it will be difficult to find a ‘good husband’ for her. Now, they will surely be thinking about the mockery they made out of themselves.

However, Sakshi never bothered about these outrageous criticism by an illiterate section of society. While taking training from noted coach Satyawan, Sakshi came into contact with Satyavrat who is the son of Satyawan.

Sakshi with boyfriend Satyvrat

Sakshi and Satyavrat Kadiyan are seeing each other for last three years. It should be noted that Satyavrat is also a wrestler and had won Silver medal in the last Commonwealth Game. They are going to marry soon. Needless to say, they are going to become a perfect couple.

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  1. Her walk like a tigress is enough to scare the opponent, Sakshi Malik, the first Indian female wrestler to win a medal at the Olympics 2016.


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