Amway Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy: Review and Side Effects

Menopause, which is a natural stage of life, can be quite problematic for some women. Some women face lots of problems during these stage, including sudden mood changes, depression, stomach related issues and anxiety, among others. The problems obviously relate to both physical and psychological changes.

There are many medicines and supplements available in the market which intent to give relief to women at this stage. However, majority of these medicines and supplements also lead to some minor to severe unintended consequences. At this stage, women may need complete natural product sourced from organic means so that they can get relief without compromising their long term health.

Review of Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy

Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy is the best product available in the market for women who are suffering from various physical and psychological problems related to menopause. Clinical trials have proved that Black Cohosh comes with Asclotien which has been proved to work wonder during the menopause stage.

One of its vital ingredients is ISO Flavones which can easily tackle the physical problem women tend to suffer during the menopause stage. Apart from that, ISO Flavones gives lots of nutrients to the user.

This product is also enriched with Acerola Cherry and Citrus Bioflavonait Concentrate which helps in holistic management of body and psychology of the women.

There is no denying that Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy is a very good product for women having any issues of menopause. It is necessary for ensuring healthy and happy life.

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Energy: 2.86 kcal
Fat: 0.02 g
Protein: 0.11 g
Carbohydrate: 0.56 g
Calcium: 20 mg
Vitamin C: 1.2 mg
Black Cohosh Extract: 40 mg
Soy Protein Bioflavonoid: 100 mg
ISO Flavones: 16.6 mg
Acerola Cherry Concentrate: 8.3 mg

Dosage of Nutrilite Black Cohosh and Soy

The recommended dose is one tablet three times a day with or just after meal. Don’t take it in the empty stomach. You can change the dose if suggested to do so by a physician.

It must not be taken by children as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.

If you are suffering from any disease or taking any sort of maintenance medicine regularly, consult the doctor before starting Black Cohosh and Soy.

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