Girlfriends of Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal is the leader of a bunch of sexual predators masquerading as political leaders. Hardly any day go when you will not hear news of rape and molestation of gullible women by an AAP leader. Some of their leaders have fantasy of making their own sex films, others go on to rape maid and dalit girl. Some of its own leaders have levelled serious charges against other leaders about sexual exploitation of Punjabi women by Delhi based AAP leaders. Beautiful Punjabi girls are being used by these morons to satisfy their sexual urge.

And, away from all these, Arvind Kejriwal continued to blame Modi for this and that. Only recently, he tweeted that Narendra Modi is involved with a Bangalore based girl. Can you believe this that the CM of a state using these type of filthy words to the Prime Minister? Nitish Kumar is also an arch rival of Narendra Modi. But, you will love Nitish' daily diatribes against Modi. That is the very soul of a vibrant democracy where opposition keeps the party in power in tows and bring out any irregularities before the supreme authority - the people. 

Actually, Arvind Kejriwal is also a sexual predator. He has been involved with many girls throughout his life.

Girlfriend of Arvind Kejriwal

An image of Narendra Modi has been used by Ashish Khetan and other AAP leaders to establish that Narendra Modi had a relationship with a girl seen in the picture. Let’s have a look on the picture:

Actually, the issue is about snooping a girl. She was followed by the Gujarat Police intelligence on the behest of a request by his father. Everyone involved in this so called snoop gate have come forward and said the truth. Even Gujarat public gave reply to these people by letting Modi win 26 out of 26 seats from Gujarat in the last Lok Sabha Election. Further, the image doesn't prove anything. A CM is chatting with a girl with his security guards, an IAS officer Pradeep Sharma (not seen in the picture) should not make people suspicious. But, you can’t stop Arvind Kejriwal.

Now, let’s have a look on some images of Arvind Kejriwal:

In the third image, Arvind Kejriwal is seen with the same girl who is there in the sex scandal of Sandeep Kumar. In all probability, Sandeep Kumar was working as a pimp. He was given such a high profile portfolio despite the presence of powerful Dalit leader Rakhi Birla. Why? You know it well.

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  1. Bhai aadhu jankari he tumhari bina research kuch bhi bol pad rge ho gawaar photo reverse serch kar to samjh aayegi ki kya kikh rha he