Hafiz Saeed: Profile, Family, Wife and Son

Israel Ansari was a hard working taxi driver living in Mumbai. On 26th November, 2008, he along with family members was at the CST station to catch a train to go to their ancestral home back in Bihar. Suddenly, two terrorists of LeT came on the station and fired indiscriminately. Six of family members of Israel Ansari, including women and children, were killed. The perpetrator of that attack which led to the killing of innocents was Hafiz Muhammad Saeed.

For Hafiz Saeed every Indians are enemy, whether Muslim or Hindu. If you are a Muslim living peacefully in India, you are a Kafir for Hafiz Saeed. He can kill you at any time like he has killed thousands of innocent people.

A terrorist is not the only identity that Hafiz Saeed holds. He is a butcher who loves to see the blood flowing. He is the man who has once drunken the blood of Baloch Muslims. It is hard to find a term for a person who drinks the blood of another person. He is corrupt to the core and takes millions of Rupees from the Pakistani Government to let Pakistani politicians remain alive. It is also a known fact that he had raped his own sister once to satisfy his sexual urge. This rapist keeps many women and even at this age he makes physical relationship with Muslim girls of below 25 years of age. That is Hafiz Saeed for you – terrorist, butcher, rapist, morally and financially corrupt, characterless and inhuman person.

Profile of Hafiz Saeed

Hafiz Saeed was born in 1948 in Sargodha, Punjab. Originally, his family was from Hisar, Haryana who had migrated to Pakistan during partition. Hafiz Saeed had once said that 36 of his family members were killed when they were shifting base from India to Pakistan. However, there is no proof and his family tree also shows that none of his family members were killed. They were quite rich and comfortably shifted base in armored vehicles. This claim was made to show people that he was a victim of Hindu and Sikhs killing. This is a way to get sympathy and support from gullible Muslims.

Hafiz Saeed was a good student and was brilliant when it comes to Islamic Ideology. His popularity started to rose when General Zia-Ul-Haque appointed him to the Council of Islamic Ideology. Later, he taught Islam in the University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan. One wonders what he was teaching at an Engineering college. And, it also shows why the quality of Pakistani engineers has always been pathetic.

Very soon he became blue eye boy of the Pakistani Army. In 1990, he with the help of ISI founded Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a terrorist organization primarily formed to kill Indians – whether Muslims of Hindus. LeT was instrumental in creating a wave of terrorist acts in Pakistan and later in India.

Wife of Hafiz Saeed

Hafiz Saeed is married to Maimoona Saeed. As a matter of fact, Maimoona had always kept low profile. She was once in news when Hafiz Saeed was in detention and she had moved the Supreme Court asking the judiciary to free her husband. Apart from that, Maimoona seldom comes in news.

Maimoona is the daughter of Hafiz Mohammed Abdullah who was the maternal uncle of Hafiz Saeed. However, people close to Hafiz family says that Maimoona was in fact the real sister of Hafiz. They developed incest relationship and at that young age Hafiz couldn’t leave her. Since they had migrated from India, it was easy for the family to show the new community that Maimoona is cousin, not the real sister of Hafiz and was living with the family.

Son of Hafiz Saeed

Talha Saeed is the name of the son of Hafiz Saeed. He is all set to keep the business of Hafiz Saeed intact. He is propagating the message of hate that was started by Hafiz.
Hafiz always suggests that youngsters who are becoming suicide bombers are serving Islam and they will go to Jannat. But, he never said that why did he never consider making Talha a suicide bomber?
He can’t. Isn’t it time for others to think about him? Ask Hafiz, if he really cares and means what he says then ask Talha Saeed to become a suicide bomber and let him go to ‘Jannat’.


  1. it totally wrong info about sucidal bomber,he never said any body to take suicide attack around the wworld. he is a peace full person. he is runing charity organization with in Pakistan,which don't differentiate even b/w Muslims and Hindu. he had work same for hindu and Muslim in Sindh Pakistan.

    1. Anonymous2:45 AM

      Ya real peaceful encouraging people to kill innocent one day he will come to end

  2. am blessed pakistani And m not suppoter of Hafiz saeed&his organisation But you said disgusting point not only About Hafiz saeed but you are targeting our Religion Islam ...
    A muslim can't married to his Sister at any cost and its neither acceptable ethically nor it is allowed in Islam as mentioned in Quran o Hadees"
    Being as a muslim i confirm you have been victime of misconception and you are guided with fake data and you are seprafing that...
    its hate speach against Islam and Islam never allowed such disgusting things....

  3. lanat ap k Aritical py

  4. It is a baseless story created by an indian/hindu