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Mukhar Abbas Naqvi and Ashok Singhal Relationship

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi is Minister of State for Minority Affairs to the Government of India. He is a prominent BJP politician and widely regarded as the Muslim face of the party. However, the dirty IT departments of Congress and AAP are sharing news over the social media about relationship between Naqvi and late Ashok Singhal. They are saying that Naqvi is the Son-in-Law of Ashok Singhal.

That being the Son-in-Law of a powerful VHP leader may not be a problem. But, through this fact they want to say that Naqvi is associated with the BJP because of his marital relationship, not because of his ideology of nationalism and belief in the Idea of India.

Is Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi Son-in-Law of Ashok Singhal?

The short answer to this question is NO. There is no relationship between Naqvi and late Ashok Singhvi.

As a matter of fact, Ashok Singhal remained unmarried till his last breath. While pursuing Engineering from the prestigious BHU, he came in contact with the RSS. He became a pracharak and took vow to remain unmarried which he followed throughout.

Ashok Singhal was basically from Allahabad. His father was a famous businessman and had built a palatial house in this city. That house is currently used for the purpose of social work. Ashok Singhal never asked for his share of property from his extended family. His brother B. P. Singhal was the Inspector General of UP who was later sent to Rajya Sabha on a BJP ticket.

Coming back to the question, there is obviously no possibility of Ashok Singhal having a daughter.

It should be noted here that Ashok Singhal had shared a very close ideological relationship with Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

In fact, Ashok Singhal used to visit the home of Naqvi in Delhi. That might have given these dirty minded people to make a story around these nice men.

Both Naqvi and Seema had studied from Allahabad University. The love story started from their college days which culminated to the marriage.