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Priyanka Jha and Dhoni Love Story

The biopic of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is going to be released at the end of this month. The film will also let the world know about a sad part of Captain cool. That is the story of Priyanka Jha.

Priyanka was the first girlfriend of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. She was the lady who completely transmogrified him. She was the reason why Dhoni fought all odds and financial hardships to become a shining star of the state of Jharkhand. During those tough days, it was Priyanka and Dhoni’s brother-in-law who stood by him and persuaded him to resign from Railway Ticket Collector job.

Profile of Priyanka Jha

There is very little information available about Priyanka Jha. It is believed that she was also from DAV Shyamali (JVM) from where Dhoni had completed schooling. They were in love since 1999. Priyanka was in awe of sportsman ship of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. She was from a financially strong family, but didn’t mind dating a guy belonging to lower middle class.

Priyanka Jha died in a tragic car accident in 2002. At that time, Dhoni had started to make news with his explosive batting and good wicket keeping. The death of Priyanka was shocking for Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He was not able to concentrate on cricket and didn’t play professional for around six months. It was the memory of Priyanka which drew him to field again. Priyanka always wanted him to see playing for India.

It is also widely believed that Mahendra Singh Dhoni became a cool person and started to control anger as well as frustration after the death of Priyanka. This tragic news had completely changed his personality and gave the world a different man.

Love Story of Priyanka Jha and Dhoni

The minute details about this love story will be known after the release of the film. Disha Patani is playing the role of Priyanka. For the moment, we only know that Priyanka and Dhoni were classmate and fell in love during schooling.

It must be noted here that another woman who had made a powerful impact on the life of Dhoni was also from this same school. That is his wife Sakshi Singh Rawat/Dhoni. Sakshi was 8 classes junior of Dhoni and they never see each other during school days.