Vijay Chauhan, AAP: Profile, Family and Rape Controversy

It seems Aam Aadmi Party – AAP – which came forward as an ethical project looking forward for alternative politics in India has turned out to be a bunch of sexual predators. Nothing can justify a series of sex scandals, forgery and corruption allegations going on with various leaders of AAP. When people were just digesting the alleged sex scandal of former Delhi Cabinet minister Sandeep Kumar, another sad news hit the stand. This time Punjab AAP observer Vijay Chauhan is alleged to have sexually molested his maid.

AAP supporters may not be fortunate enough this time, though. They will not see a sex video of their leader Vijay Chauhan. An AAP volunteer has only released the audio record of this scandal. In this audio tape, the main is accusing and revealing how Vijay Chauhan sexual molested or raped her apart from saying that she complained about the incident to senior AAP leaders, including Kejriwal. Unfortunately, no one took any action against Vijay Chauhan.

Profile of Vijay Chauhan

Vijay Chauhan is basically from Faridabad. He did schooling from Adarsh Public School. Later, he did higher education from Delhi University. He joined India Against Corruption – IAC – during the Anna Movement and slowly came into the limelight. He was a dedicated volunteer and worked tirelessly for the stupendous victory of the party in Delhi Assembly Election. He was also actively involved in Kejriwal campaign against Narendra Modi in Varanasi.

He still identifies himself as a simple AAP volunteer. However, he is holding a responsible position and currently is the observer of Sangrur district, Punjab. He is also credited with a man who helped in creating a sort of wave for AAP in Punjab. However, with a series of allegations of sexual molestation of young Punjabi girls, this wave for the party may go down just before the Assembly Election.

Ravinder Singh, AAP volunteer of Sangrur, had released the audio tape. He alleged that Sanjay Singh, senior AAP leader and in charge of Punjab, did the settlement by offering Rs. 1 lakh to the victim. If it is true then nothing can be more shocking. 

Remember, these people had made very positive impact on the masses and sensitize them during the Nirbhaya rape agitation. Now, these same people are involved in rape cases and sordid settlement with rape victim.

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