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Geeta Mohan, NewsX: Profile, Family and Husband

Geeta Mohan is one of the most followed Foreign Affairs journalists of India. She has worked with different Indian English News channels where her reporting related to foreign issues has always been appreciated for unbiased and to-the-point content. She is also seen accompanying Narendra Modi in various foreign tours.

Profile of Geeta Mohan

There is very little information available in the public domain about the personal life of Geeta Mohan. It is, in fact, hard to find even her educational background, leave aside family and marital status.

Currently, she is working with NewX English News Channel as the Assistant Editor of Foreign Affairs. Before joining, News X, she was with Times Now as Deputy Editor. 

Her departure from Times Now to News X was considered a sort of big fish crossing the pond. Times Now is still unable to find a matching replacement of Geeta Mohan, and it had to rely on sending average reporters to foreign countries. For example, the reporting standard of Times Now fell during the high profile United Nations General Assembly meeting of 2016.

News X is a news channel owned by iTV. It should be noted that previously, it was under the patronage of Peter Mukerjee who is now in jail along with his wife Indrani. The English news channel is fast emerging as one of the top three English News channels of India.