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General Dalbir Singh Suhag: Profile, Caste, Wife and Family

General Dalbir Singh Suhag is the Indian Army General as well as the Chief of Army Staff – COAS. He is considered a person with immense integrity and professionalism who has strong understanding and large experience in counter insurgency operation. His tenure had become little bit controversial in the start because of unfortunate public spat with the outgoing General, Mr. V. K. Singh, who is also a great soldier and currently a minister to the Government of India.

Profile of General Dalbir Singh Suhag

Dalbir Singh was born on 28th December, 1954 in Bishan village of Jhajhar district, Haryana. His parents name is Chaudhary Ramphal Singh and Shrimati Ishari Devi. It should be noted that Dalbir Singh is the third generation soldier from his family. His grandfather was also a soldier. His father, Ch. Ramphal Singh, was a Subedar with the Indian Army who had taken part in the 1971 Indo-Pak War.

Dalbir Singh started schooling from his village and later shifted to the prestigious Sainik School, Chittorgarh located in Rajasthan. Becoming a soldier was a destiny for him and he was just following that. After completing Secondary Education, he cleared NDA exam and joined National Defence Academy in 1970.

He was commissioned with the Gorkha Rifles in 1974 and rose on to become one of the brightest officers of his batch. There is just a little spot on his career when accused for a failed intelligence operation in Assam in 2012. He was then banned by V. K. Singh and his promotion was terminated. He was absolved of all charges later and then rose to the current position. It is because of this fact that recently General Dalbir Singh had publicly accused General (Retd.) V. K. Singh of trying to scuttle his career.

It should be noted that General Dalbir Singh is a highly decorated officer and has got many military awards and recognitions, including the prestigious Param Vishist Seva Medal.

Wife of General Dalbir Singh Suhag

Dalbir Singh is married to a highly educated lady named Nimita Suhag who holds a graduation degree from Delhi University. They have three children – one son and two daughters.

Dalbir Singh Hat and Strap

Many people sometimes get shock to see the hat of Dalbir Singh. Why the strap of his hat sticks just below his chin? Why don’t he use a hat with little bit longer strap?
Actually, the hat and strap position shows Dalbir Singh relation with Gorkha Rifles.
This type of hat is a sort of identity for Gorkha jawans.

There is a story behind this. Gorkha used to be quite talkative. British were thinking about some way to stop them getting indulge in useless talks. They found a way in the hat and strap. They designed the strap so that it sticks just below the chin. In this way, they expected to break to an extent of the talkative nature of Gorkhas.

Caste of Dalbir Singh Suhag

Many people wonder about the caste of Dalbir Singh. Though, caste has never been a factor when it comes to the Indian Army, but still it is a reality in the Indian society and hence people look for Dalbir Singh caste.

By caste, General Dalbir Singh Suhag is a Jat. It should be noted that he is the first Jat to become the General of Indian Army. You can find lots of Jats working in the Army.
Further, it may be mentioned here that Dalbir Singh doesn’t use his surname Suhag for the army records.


  1. You are mistaken he isnt the first Jaat army chief.Google about Gen Poonia & VK Singh

  2. Gen. V k singh is not a jat.

  3. Ved Prakash Malik also jat


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