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N. P. Dubey SEX MMS Scandal: Watch Here

When Congress was asking for the proof of surgical strike and thereby doubting the credibility of a pious and patriotic institution like the Indian Army, a different form of surgical strike hit it hard. This is an MMS SEX scandal of a senior congress leader with a young and beautiful girl.

The senior Congress leader who is holding the charge of main protagonist of this short film which has gone viral over the social media is Mr. N. P. Dubey. It should be noted here that Mr. Dubey was once the mayor of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

N. P. Dubey Sex Scandal

You will be surprised to know the age of this senior Congress leader. He is 81 year old. Like N. D. Tiwary and Raghav Jee he seem to have a fascination for young girls….errr… the BJP leader Raghav Jee was found indulge in unnatural sex. He was seen with a guy.

As you can see in the accompanying video, Mr. N. P. Dubey is sitting in a room with an unknown young girl. A man shooting the video enters the room. Dubey becomes uncomfortable when this man enters the room. The girl is sitting on the bed in minimum clothes. Mr. Dubey seems to be unaware of the fact that the man who had entered the room has shot him and the girl.

Mr. Dubey, being a Brahman, is wearing sacred thread – janeu.

Mr. Dubey has categorically denied that he is the old man seen in this short video. He says that someone close to his family had done all this to malign his public life. He also cites some family disputes.

Leave aside this issue of family disputes and people should think about it. We have politicians in MP like N. P. Dubey and Raghav Jee who are nothing but sexual predators. The girl should also come forward and file a case if she was forced to get fucked by this old man in exchange of some work or something else. Otherwise, it will be taken as a consensual sex – which is definitely not the case.

Apart from being a senior Congress leader, Mr. Dubey is also the President of Hritkarini Sabha and a senior High Court advocate.