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Roopa Ganguly: Profile, Husband, Boyfriends and Family

Roopa Ganguly is a versatile Bengali woman best known in India for her role of Draupadi in the B. K. Chopra’s epic serial Mahabharata. She is an actor, a playback singer, a social worker and lastly a BJP politician. Recently, she has been in the forefront of her party to take on Mamta Banerji. BJP lost the election, but got respectable number of votes in a state where it has never enjoyed sizeable presence. 

She has also been nominated by the BJP for Rajya Sabha – the Upper House of the Parliament. Her nomination is a signal that the BJP is trying to project her as a voice of opposition in West Bengal.

Profile of Rupa Ganguly

Roopa (or, Rupa) Ganguly was born Kalyani (Kolkata), West Bengal on 25th November, 1966. At present, her age is 50 years. She was a brilliant student and did schooling from Beltala Girls’ High School. Later, she took admission the Jogamaya Devi College. It should be noted that her college was also only for women and hence in her entire education, she studied in institutions meant only for girls/women.

Rupa was dreaming of becoming a model and hence decided to try her luck after completing graduation. She got a contact and went to Mumbai where she was signed for Anil Kapur starrer movie Saaheb in 1985. She also signed few South Indian movies. In 1988, she was offered the role of Draupadi in Mahabharata which she instantly accepted. This role definitely made her a household name in India and gave her wide appreciation. However, it was also this role of Draupadi which effectively finished her career. People were not ready to see her in any avatar – glamorous roles. 

Fed up with series of debacles after Mahabharata, she returned back to Kolkata and worked in few Bengali movies.

Husband of Rupa Ganguly

Rupa married Dhrubo Mukerji in 1992. Her marital relationship had never been on the track and the couple finally divorced in 2006. In fact, they parted ways just five years after the marriage. Rupa had admitted to be in a live-in relationship with Bengali singer Dibyendu. They used to live together, while her husband used to wander here and there.

Rupa has a son named Aakash from her husband Dhrubo Mukerjee. Akash is living with Rupa.

Currently, Rupa is not even living with Dibyendu. She is all alone and her only aim is to make a mark in the world of politics, apart from giving the best of environment for her son Akash.

It should be mentioned here that Roopa had admitted in a reality show that she had thrice attempted suicide. This admission on television had created a lot of controversies. It is in this show that she had revealed to the world about her relationship with Dibyendu who is 12 years younger to her.