Savji Dholakia: Profile, Family and Son

Savji Dholakia is one of the most respected diamond businessmen of India. He is known for sharing profits with employees in a partial as well as extravagant manner where he gives away hundreds of cars and flats as bonuses. There is no other businessman in India with such a large heart towards employees.

Savji Dhanji Dholakia is the founder Chairman of a diamond manufacturing company named Hari Krishna Exports Private Ltd. His manufacturing plant is located in Indian diamond hub Surat and the business unit is based in Mumbai. He is currently exporting finished diamonds to more than 50 countries.

Profile of Savji Dholakia

Savji Dholakia was born on 12th April, 1962 in Amreli, Gujarat. His father was a humble farmer and initial life of Dholakia was not as such lavish. His uncle was a diamond merchant and earning handsomely. Dholakia used to dream about following the footsteps of his uncle in the diamond business.

At the age of 13, Savji decided to quit studying. He dropped out from school despite resistance from the family. He further persuaded his father to go to Surat to work in the diamond center of his uncle. Persuasion worked and Savji joined the business a polishing worker. He used to get small amount of money as salary. However, he was started to learn the business and also got to know the importance of happy and satisfied employees in the sensitive business of diamond trading.

Savji along with two of his brothers started own diamond polishing business in 1984. There were very few orders to them, but they worked really hard to make a place in the highly competitive diamond market of Surat. Later, Savji started his own company in 1992 and since then there is no looking back.

Currently, Savji Diamond Company is among top three companies in India. And, when it comes to reputation and employees satisfaction in this sector, he ranks first.
Relation with Employees

As mentioned above, Savji has always shown large heart towards his employees. In 2014, he stole the lime light while distributing flats and cars worth Rs. 50 crores to employees as Diwali bonus. In 2016, he again repeated the same largesse and made national headlines.

Son of Savji Dholakia

Savji Dholakia is not only a great businessman, but he also wants to keep up with the tradition of working hard to make a mark in this world of cut throat competition. The example of his son is quite interesting.

The name of Savji Dholakia son is Dhravya. There is no denying that Dhravya is a rich guy. He studied from the best school and later went to the USA to complete MBA. When he returned back to India, Savji sent him to Kerala with three clothes and few cash in hand. He asked him to stay in Kerala where Dhravya never visited, and find a job. Savji also ensured that Dhrvya didn’t get money from any of his friends. He wanted to let his son learn few hard lessons of life. An NDTV reporter followed his son and found him working really hard in a small shop in Kochi to earn few hundred rupees.

Needless to say, Dhravya has now joined the diamond business and expected to take it to new heights. Savji Dholakia and his family members are not just rich; they are living example for everyone.


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