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Tukaram Mundhe, IAS: Profile and Family

Recent events at Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) have clearly showed the malice that lies in the Indian system. A No-Confidence motion was passed against the Commissioner of NMMC with whooping majority. Politicians across the party lines come together to oust the Commissioner.

Tukaram Mundhe is the current Commissioner. He is widely regarded as one of the most honest and upright Civil Servants of contemporary Maharashtra. He has been at the helm at NMMC for six months and in this short time he has made serious endeavor to correct the problems and eradicate corruption.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is widely considered as a highly corrupt organization where money flows like water sailing through drain. An upright officer Tukaram Mundhe is obviously alien to the current system. Not only politicians, but officers and corporators have joined hand to stop Tukaram.

Tukaram Mundhe has become highly popular in the area. In such a short duration, he has unearthed two big scams, tried his best to remove corruption, controlled hitherto unchecked powers of corporators and started ‘Walk with Commissioner’ program where he used to resolve complaints of citizens on every Sunday.

In India, it has become increasingly tough for an officer with an attitude of Zero Tolerance against corruption to continue working on a responsible position. The people of Maharashtra has previously seen example of Mr. Pardeshi.

The mayor of NMMC has become a vocal opponent of Mr. Mundhe because the IAS officer has not paid him any visit after becoming the Commissioner.

It should be noted that politicians had even called a bandh to protest against the autocratic behavior of Mr. Mundhe. Ask any general citizen around the area and you will find who is autocratic.

Tukaram and Devendra Fadnavis

Tukaram Mundhe was handpicked by none other than the Chief Minister of Maharashtra – Devendra Fadnavis. It is because of this fact that he got the free hand till now to clean the system.

Unfortunately, Shiv Sena along with Nationalist Congress Party and Congress joined hand to bring a no – confidence motion against him. BJP remained mum and voted against the motion.

Now, the Government of Maharashtra is left with no option than to recall Mr. Mudhe. It will be his 11th transfer in 10 years. He was never allowed to work on any post for more than one year.

The local citizens are resenting against this move. However, it is very unlikely that Mudhe will be retained if the Government chooses to go by the rule book and the Constitution of India.

It is possible that like Mr. Pardeshi, Tukaram will be asked by Narendra Modi to work in the PMO.

Profile of Tukaram Mudhe

Tukaram Mudhe was born in Tadsonna village of Beed district. His father was a simple farmer who did everything to provide the best possible education to Tukaram.

Tukaram has always been a brilliant student. He did schooling from Zila Parishad School and later shifted to Aurangabad for Graduation and Post Graduation. He cracked UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2005 and got IAS with his home cadre. 

Ever since joining the elite services, he is making positive news whether he worked in the drought hit areas or in the city. It is unfortunate for India that officers like him are not allowed to work freely.


  1. Very true. I am agreed with you. As an Indian we should support honest & brilliant officer like Tukaram Mundhe!

  2. Though he is an honest officer he always works with superpower but we are democratic country he need to appreciate the thinking of people's representatives.he underestimates the people's representative and subordinate officers too.he always goes on suspending employees is not a good method of governance instead he should warn and then take the action representative always support good officers yeah there are exceptions.

  3. India need the officers like Tukaram Mundhe sir


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