Varun Gandhi: Honey Trap and SEX MMS Scandal

Varun Gandhi, the firebrand BJP leader and MP from Sultanpur, seems to be in deep trouble. There are some allegations and counter allegations about him getting honey trapped. If these allegations turn out to be true, it will be a serious blot on his political career. Apart from that, it will also effectively end his dream to become the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Honey Trap Allegation and Varun Gandhi

A US based lawyer C. Admonds Allen had written a letter where he wrote about Varun Gandhi and his links with Arms dealer Abhishek Verma.

Somehow, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan led Swaraj Abhiyan got a copy of this letter and they released it to the Indian media.

As per information provided in this letter, Abhishek Verma used a beautiful girl to get sensitive information about arms contract from Varun Gandhi. Honey Trap means using sex to get your work done.

In plain language, Varun Gandhi slept with a girl fucked her and in exchange gave sensitive information to her which was later forwarded to Abhishek Verma.

It should be noted here that Varun Gandhi is a member of Defense Consultative Committee. This membership allowed him to get access to lots of sensitive information as Cabinet decisions are scanned by this Committee. Varun Gandhi is said to have used this membership to get those information which he later shared with the girl.

MMS SEX Scandal of Varun Gandhi

There are also some reports about a sex tape in the possession of a powerful arms dealer where Varun Gandhi is seen with a girl. However, nothing can be say about this sex tape as it is not in the public forum.

It should also be noted here that the lawyer had sent the mail to the Prime Minister Office. It is not known from where Swaraj Abhiyan got access to that mail.

On his part, Varun Gandhi vehemently refuted these allegations calling them baseless.
Varun Gandhi accepted the fact that he knows Abhishek Verma. But, as per his statement, it is 14 years since they met.

Varun Gandhi is married to Yamini Roy Chaudhury.

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