Anil Bokil: Profile of the Man Behind Demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes

The surgical strike of Narendra Modi against domestic Black Money hoarders, counterfeited higher dominations Indian currencies, terrorism and drugs funding shocked the entire nation. It is a historic decision the complete effect of which is yet to be seen. But, there is no doubt that the move is well-intended and can break the backbone of people who continue to disrupt the Indian Economy. The way entire decision was kept secret is commendable. It is even more shocking that the preparation was going on since last six months, yet only few people were aware of the developments. Even powerful Cabinet Ministers like Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj and Nitin Gadkari were not told about the demonetization of Rs. 500 and 1000 Indian paper notes. It is a well – known fact that only Narendra Modi, previous RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, current RBI Governor Urjit Patel, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely and Finance Secretary Shashikant Das were in the loop and all these people were taking decisions secretly.

However, there is one more person who was aware of this demonetization bomb. In fact, it is said that he had persuaded Narendra Modi to consider this decision. He is Anil Bokil – a simple man involved with Arthkranti Sansthan NGO which is working tirelessly to create an environment of transparent financial transactions in India.

Profile of Anil Bokil

Anil Bokil was born and brought up in Pune. He is a Mechanical Engineer turned economist. He left his job and started Arthkranti Sansthan, an NGO, to create a sort of movement in India to disrupt the prevalent black money transactions. He was never in news like Baba Ramdev and Arvind Kejriwal. He is a media shy person and doesn’t want to create emotional drama. His work is based on solid and comparative economic studies of various economies.

Anil Bokil had request Rahul Gandhi office to give him time in January, 2015. He wanted to convince Rahul Gandhi about his plan so that the powerful Congressman can put pressure on Modi Government on economic transformation. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi asked him to go only after listening to him for 10 – 15 seconds. Miffed with cold response, he tried his luck and wrote to the Prime Minister Office requesting a personal meeting. The green signal came few months later and the PM gave him 9 minutes time.

Anil Bokil met Narendra Modi in January, 2016. He was loaded with lots of data and solid statistical analysis of Indian Economy. He instantly came to the point fearing that Modi would also ask him to go like Rahul Gandhi. However, Modi listened to him intently and asked him to return back with some more data. He was given 2 hours. This time, Anil Bokil was even more prepared. He convinced Modi that demonetization can lead to a culture of cashless transaction, curbing counterfeit notes and dropping bomb on black money hoarders. Modi kept his research paper and send that to Raghuram Rajan to study and further suggestions. There was also a note to keep it secret – and this request of secrecy showed that Modi had made his mind.

The rest is history, as we know. Anil Bokil will be remembered as a man who had a direct hand in one of the most powerful financial decisions of the Indian Government in the history of India.

Some of more powerful proposals of Anil Bokil:

1.     Scrap all taxes, including Income Tax and excluding Import Duty
2.     All high value transactions must be made only through legal and transparent banking system like electronic transfer, cheque and DD.
3.     There should not be any tax on cash transaction


  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Demonetisation with doubtfull intension by introdusing currency notes of Rs.2000. And new form Note of Rs 500. ... that kills true intension moto of demonetisation.... we are being made .. .. still I urge to cancell highr denomination ... will it be heared? .... then what about election fund of political parties.. .

  2. Anonymous10:29 PM

    you are really a back screen player of the Demonetization. Hats of to you.
    sir - one more thing i would like to point out. there are lot people who are hoarding black money ,not exactly hoarding, but rotating the black money through interests on 24, 36% and even more to the innocent people, and literally exploiting the families who have taken the funds. now those people cant pay even if they want to pay, as they are not accepting now. these black money lenders gets their unaccounted money month on month on interest basis. now its the right time , our beloved PRIME MINISTER SHRI NARENDRA MODI ji, takes a hard blow, on the money lenders so called black money hoarders, the country will really take a correction by itself by this type of action. since the situation now is hot, let all the corrections to the society come at this stage only.
    our PM can call for the disclosure scheme, for the money lenders, let the county see how many money lenders discloses their transactions.

    this scheme can be modified with some exceptions, as there may be some widows, and real people, who are living on small time money lending for their survival. the beloved PM can take the call with the help of some financial advisers.

    hope this is the only way even the present situation can be handled taking severe action.

    prashanth .p