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Antara Biswas (Mona Lisa): Profile, Boyfriend and Husband

Antara Biswas a.k.a. Mona Lisa is sizzling the Television Screen with her appearance in the Big Boss 10. She is undoubtedly one of the most looked after female celebrities of India in the contemporary times. Previously, she was ruling the heart of Bihari and Easter UP guys with her performances in Bhojpuri Films.

Profile of Mona Lisa

As mentioned above, the real name of Mona Lisa is Antara Biswas. She changed her name specially for acting purposes on the advice of her uncle. Many still wonder why she decided to go for this stage name as her real name has no issue. Anyway, that’s her decision and none of our business.

Mona was born in a conservative Bengali Hindu family. She studied from Julian Day School, South Kolkata. Later, she took admission in Ashutosh College of the University of Calcutta.

Mona started her career as a small time actress in Bengali and Oriya films. Soon she decided to shift to Mumbai to look for some work in the Bollywood. Luckily, she got an opportunity to work with Ajay Devgn in movie Blackmail. Unfortunately, this movie couldn’t do well on the box office and eventually ended the career of Mona Lisa in the Bollywood. She also got some projects in South Indian films, but had to leave the industry for various reasons.

At this time, she worked in a Bhojpuri film. The film got appreciation from Bihari and sealed the fate of Mona Lisa. Since then there is no looking back for her as far as Bhojpuri film industry is concerned. Her bold scene coupled with good acting skills has made her the queen of Bhojpuri cinema.

There is no denying that her appearance in the Big Boss 10 is only going to give a boost to her career.

Boyfriend of Mona Lisa

Anatara has never been short of boyfriends since her college days. She was rumored to be in relationship with at least three guys.

However, the most shocking thing comes out during this Big Boss episode. She was no doubt being seen as a lady trying to get all the attention of another commoner named Manu Punjabi. However, some old pictures of Mona Lisa are getting viral over the social media. In the pictures, she is being seen with a man. It is said that the man is none other than her husband with whom she has already taken divorce. Mona Lisa is yet to say anything on this shocking revelation.

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