Anuiya Yadav: Profile, Family and Boyfriend

Anuiya Yadav is a journalist and news anchor currently working with Zee Business. She is known for being straightforward when taking on any business related issues. Her shows are considered as a tonic for people who are looking for knowledge in the realm of Indian Economy.

Anuiya Yadav has also shown tough character while handling debates. She always remains probing and it is really tough to say that there is an iota of biasness inherent in her reporting or during debate.

Impartiality is what makes Anuiya Yadav different.

Profile of Anuiya Yadav

Unfortunately, there is very little information available in the public domain about such a wonderful journalist. It seems being biased and getting into controversy is imperative in India to attract attention.

We don’t know anything about her residence or about her family. We also tried hard but couldn’t find any credible information about her relationship status. We don’t know whether she is married or has any boyfriend or just a single. If you have any information, please share that in the comment section for other readers.

We only know that Anuiya Yadav has dome Diploma in Mass Communication from coveted WLCI School of Media. Apart from that, there is not a modicum of information about her. Before joining Zee Business, Anuiya was working with Aaj Tak as an Assistant Producer.

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