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Gautami and Kamal Hassan: Love Story and Break Up

Gautami Tadimalla is a popular South Indian actress. She has worked in many successful Telugu films in a career spanning more than two decades. Apart from Telugu, she has also worked in Hindi, Tami, Kannada and Malayalam films. She is regarded as a successful television host and custom designer. She has also made a habit of remaining in news for her strange personal life.

Profile of Gautami

Gautami Tadimalla is popularly known by just her first name – Gautami. She has done Engineering from GITAM University. However, she was never looking forward for a career in engineering. Rather her heart was always about becoming a model. She got few modeling assignments and gained recognition. However, from 1987, she made powerful entry into the world of cinema.

Husband of Gautami

Gautami got married to Sandeep Bhatia in 1998. The couple had a daughter named Subbalakshmi. However, Gautami found that Sandeep Bhatia who was a rich businessman was cheating on her and had sexual relationships with many other women. Miffed with these revelations, Gautami decided to call it a day and left Sandeep.

Few years later, she got closer to Kamal Hassan who was then living all alone after divorce with Sarika.

Love Story of Gautami and Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan had got married two times and had divorce at both occasions. He had lost faith in the institution of marriage. Gautami was also not inclined to be in married life anymore.

It was quite natural for both to come together. They started to stay together in a live-in relationship. They never married and remained as a couple for 13 long years. In 2016, Gautami announced that she is ending relationship with Kamal Hassan.

The reason behind break up between Gautmi and Kamal Hassan is not known. Gautami had said that it was her concern for daughter Subbalakshmi which compelled her to part ways with Kamal. However, the main reason might be Kamal Hassan’s daughters – Shruti and Akshara. It is a known fact that Shruti doesn’t like Gautami and they had even a fight on the set two years back. Ever since that fight, Gautami was asking Kamal to break all relations with Shruti. However, Kamal was reluctant to do so and hence Gautami decided to took decisions which was within her reach.

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