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Good Knight Fabric Roll On Mosquito Repellent: Review and Side Effects

Concerned with Degue outbreak in the entire North India, I decided to use Good Knight Fabric Roll On personal mosquito repellent. I had seen this product in a television advertisement and concept looked quite cool to me. I decided to immediately try it.

After getting satisfaction, I am also using this product on the fabric of my school going son. Good Knight Fabric Roll On is the first of its kind of product in India. It is 100% natural and may not lead to any side effects. My personal experience also says that it is quite safe.

Using this product is amazingly simple. All I need to do is to apply four dots on my cloths at different places while going outside. These four drops/dots protect me from mosquitoes for eight hours. It has given a big relief for me because now my son is also safe. Aedes Aegypti, the dengue carrying mosquitoe, bites only in the day. Mosquito net is ineffective protection because of this fact. In a situation of dengue outbreak, it becomes quite necessary to have protection during the day time. And, here comes the main benefit of Good Knight Fabric Roll On.

The manufacturer claims that four dots offer protection for eight hours. However, I see protection for maximum 6 hours. After this duration, mosquitoes start to come near my body. But, I won't complain as this duration is also optimum, at least for my son.

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Godrej, the manufacturer, says that this is a 100% natural product. Taking a look at the list of ingredients, I see only two stuffs there - Eucalyptus Oil and Citronella. These two are definitely natural products. Using this Roll On has also not cause any issue to me or to my son. Apart from being easy to use, this Roll On also doesn't cause any odor. There is, in fact, no difference even after applying this Roll On. One more special thing about it is complete freedom from any stains - drops are non staining.

I have also used this product for my younger son who is below 2 years of age. I ensure to apply dots on strollers. I don't think it to be safe to be used on the clothes of babies who are below 2 years old. In the end, this is a good product and worth recommending in a high risk zone like India.


  1. Hi,

    I have two sons of age 8yrs and 2 yrs. I wanted them to enjoy indoors as well as outdoors. As mornings are school time and the kids would only get evening to be in garden for their games and fun it was a challenge to secure them against the mosquitoes. It was only when Fabric Roll On was introduced I found the best safe solution to my problem of keeping the mosquitoes away. The roll on contains
    100 % natural eucalyptus oil and citronella oil for mosquitoes repellent. It works for 7-8 hrs and is very effective. I have tried crèmes and patches even of international brand but nothing was as effective as the Good Knight Fabric Roll On

    1. Anonymous11:56 AM

      That is nice a natural mosquito repellent in India is a new product.

  2. Is this safe for 9month baby in indoor while sleeping


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