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Good Knight Fast Card: Review, Side Effects and Uses

Good Knight Fast Card is a revolutionary mosquito repellent product. It was first of its kind of product launched in the Indian market by the Godrej Consumer Products. It works splendidly well and within minutes all mosquitoes can go away. It provides protection for up to 3 hours. There is no denying that this is a wonderful product if we only keep at the result. However, certain sections in the medical community are raising eyebrows calling it to be quite dangerous for long term health. We will see all these issues in this post to guide users about using it, if they want, in a proper way.

Review of Good Knight Fast Card

Good Knight Fast Card is the first of its kind product for the Indian consumers. This is a paper based mosquito repellent available at quite an affordable price. It works wonderfully and if necessary care is taken, there may not be any problem for users.
It should be noted that the main ingredients of this slow burning paper card is TFT (Thin Film Transistor). TFT is definitely the safest way to keep off mosquitoes.

The slow burning paper takes around 3 minutes to burn out completely. These three minutes can create lots of smoke in the room and you will see mosquitoes getting down on the floor. If windows and gates are closed properly, the users can enjoy mosquito free environment for up to 3 minutes.

How to Use Good Knight Fast Card

First of all, close all doors and gate of the room where you want to burn the Fast Card. Keep the card on a metallic or glass plate. Ensure to not keep it on any paper plate. Take out one card and fold it through the half. Now, flame at one edge and blow out the flame, if any. Leave and allow the card to get smolder. In the meantime, it will be better if you get out of the room.

You should also ensure to switch off the fan and AC for 30 minutes. No one should come inside the room for 30 minutes and keep all doors closed for this duration. After half an hour post burning the paper, you can enter the room. The room should be odour free with light sweet fragrance without any mosquitoes flying around.

Side Effects of Good Knight Fast Card

If you use the product as mentioned above, you may not feel any side effects. Still, few people experience little bit of burning sensation in the eyes. In that case, they should rinse off their eyes with normal water. They may also avoid coming in the room where the Fast Card has been burned few hours before. Same rule applies for those people who experience headache after the use of Fast Card.

But, the crux of the matter is entering the room only after half an hour of burning the card. If you follow this simple advise, you may not have to deal with any sort of side effects.

Also, if you see a kid chewing the card accidently (a common thing), you should try to induce vomiting and give symptomatic treatment.

Is Good Knight Fast Card Harmful?

It should not be harmful if necessary care as mentioned above has been applied while using it. Even then, certain sections of people are advised to not use this card. For example, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it. Don’t let child below 2 years old to inhale even a little amount of smoke. If you are suffering from asthma or any type of heart related issues, you must avoid Fast Card.

In the end, this card has been rumored to be banned. No, Good Knight Fast Card has not been banned. It is still in use and being marketed.


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