Jay Shah, Son of Amit Shah: Profile and Wife

Amit Shah is considered as the second most powerful Indian in the contemporary times after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Poll debacles in Delhi and Bihar elections did dented his image, but still he remains the most trusted man for the Prime Minister when it comes to political matters. Jay Shah is the only son of Amit and Sonal Shah. Because of the power of his father, Jay has also become quite influential figure particularly in Gujarat. However, he tried his best to remain away from unnecessary media glaze and any sort of controversies.

Profile of Jay Shah

Jay was born and brought up in Ahmedabad in a rich Jain Gujarati family. At the time of his birth, Amit Shah was not actively involved in the politics. Rather he was running the successful family business of PVC pipes, apart from dealing in share trading. However, the environment of the family was completely political because Amit Shah, apart from taking care of businesses, was also involved with the RSS.

Jay completed education from Ahmedabad. After education, he also got involved in the family business. He shifted to Mumbai during the trial of Amit Shah in fake encounter cases. The destiny took a positive turn and everything started to get along the lines of Amit Shah. The family returned back to Ahmedabad and Jay again started to run the business.

Apart from family business, Jay is also the Joint Secretary of Gujarat Cricket Association. He is expected to take responsible position in the BCCI in times to come.
He is also expected to join active politics sooner or later. However, it should be noted that to avoid the charge of nepotism, he may not fight election or take any position in the BJP in near future.

Wife of Jay Shah

Jay Shah is married to Hrishita (or, Rishita) Patel. They got married in February, 2015 just after the BJP debacle in the Delhi Assembly Election. Because of this, the celebration at the marriage ceremony was toned down with less number of guests.

Rishita Shah, wife of Jay Shah

Rishita is the daughter of famous builder Gunwant Patel. She is a well-educated girl and happy to remain as a home maker.

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  2. Is any son of a Bhakt above corruption. In the heart they all want money, power and all those added glitter that comes with it. Will a son question a father on truth of wealth and the illegal activities, education in India or married to a girl who wants to remain a housewife, what matters is that money can drive any person to carefully look away from truth. The future Shah like father...

  3. BJP chief Amit Shah today criticised Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi over his remarks on dynastic politics and said the BJP believed in the politics of performance while the Congress banked on the "politics of appeasement and dynasty"

    1. well if Amitbhai Shah is so much against dynasty in politics how come his party has ben supporting a dynasty in Punjab run by the Badals