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Love Story of Ishant Sharma and Pratima Singh

Ishant Sharma is all set to marry ace Basketball player Pratima Singh. They will get married on 9th December, 2016. It should be noted here that they have been in relationship for quite long time – 3 years. They first met in 2013 and since then are in a beautiful relationship.

Pratima is endowed with amazing beauty while Ishant Sharma is considered as the future of Indian fast bowling. While Pratima adores height of a man, Ishant loves to see a girl with courage to take on the world and fight odds happening with Indian women in the rural hinterland. Needless to say, both of them found these qualities in their partners.

Love Story of Ishant and Pratima Singh

Ishant Sharma has got a name for himself with his capability to bowl really fast without compromising with the length and quality of ball. He was requested to come as the Chief Guest of the final of a Basketball tournament to be held in Delhi. Being a Delhites, he agreed to come.

In the match, his eyes were fixed on a girl who was playing exceptionally well. The girl was none other than Pratima Singh. During the fecilitation ceremony, Ishant praised Pratima and asked him to keep playing with same intensitiy in future. Later, in the after match ceremony, Ishant Sharma again met Pratima and asked for her number which she readily shared.

They started to talk over the phone. Ishant was a sort of in a situation that can be termed as love at first sight. Pratima Singh took some time before seeing the relationship in that way. They continued to remain in touch till when Ishant proposed her. In no time, Pratima accepted the proposal.

It should also be noted here that before accepting proposal, Pratima had asked her elder sister Akanksha and accepted Ishant only after getting approval from Akanksha. Pratima has three sisters and one brother. All of five siblings are good basketball players. Pratima is the youngest among four sisters.

Pratima Singh is a Rajput basically belonging to Varanasi while Ishant Sharma is a Brahmin by caste.