Prahlad Modi: Profile, Wife, Family and Wiki

Prahlad Modi is one of the most talked about personalities of India. It is all because of the fact that he is the younger brother of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prahlad is quite down to earth and a media shy person. He has been to the Prime Minister Official Residence only once and that’s too with mother and his family. The Prime Minister had recently called them to Delhi and requested them to stay for around two days.

Prahlad always try to keep himself away from media lime light. He fears that media can make even an innocent statement as an attack to the Union Government led by his brother. It had happened once when media reported his statement completely out of context that he considers Narendra Modi government a failure.

Profile of Prahlad Modi

Prahlad is the fourth of six children of Damodardas Bhai Modi and Heera Ben. Narendra Modi is the third among them. In all, they are four brothers and two sisters.  The youngest of them is Pankaj Modi with whom Heeraben lives.

Narendra Modi has little bit emotional touch with Prahlad. Apart from that, he keeps arm’s lengths with other family members. Many media reports have shown that some Modi family members are in deep financial problems.

Prahlad Modi used to run a fair price shop in Ahmedabad. He has stopped this business now because of old age. However, he is actively involved with the problems faced by Fair Price Shop Owners. When Narendra Modi was the CM, Prahlad Modi had led to a delegation to see him and discuss the problem of shop owners in terms low quality supplies.

Recently, Prahlad Modi was in news because of the sudden demise of his daughter Nikunjben Modi. She was suffering from heart ailments since last ten years and breathed her last when Narendra Modi was in China. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister couldn’t get time to visit the family and had expressed grief over the phone. As per one reports, he was crying alone at the PM residence after hearing about the death of Nikunjben.

Prahlad Modi was also in news when Digvijay Singh tweeted a fake story which said that Narendra Modi was thrown out of the home because he had stolen gold jewelry. This report was based on a so called interview of Prahlad Modi with Umar Ujala. 

However, the newspaper rejected taking any such type of interviews. Prahlad also showed displeasure about it. Later, ABP News investigated the issue in their Viral Sach program and found that everything was fake a malicious attempt by Congress and AAP to malign the image of Narendra Modi.

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