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Priyanka Singh Rawat: Profile, Husband, Caste and Family

Priyanka Singh Rawat is a young and firebrand politician of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). She is the sitting Member of Parliament from Barabanki Lok Sabha constituency of Uttar Pradesh. Her elevation in the world of politics is nothing short of a dream. Riding on Modi wave, she had defeated Congress heavyweight and the Chairman of SC Commission Mr. P. L. Punia. It should be noted that there has not been any politician from her family and hence this success matters a lot.

Priyanka Singh Rawat

Profile of Priyanka Singh Rawat

Priyanka Singh Rawat was born in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. Her father Mr. Uttam Ram was a UP PCS officer and retired few years back as a Block Development Officer. Even though, Uttam Ram was a PCS officer, he had good clout in the world of politics because of his association with Mayawati.

Priyanka Singh Rawat was a good student from her school days. After completing graduation, she tried her luck in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. However, she couldn’t clear it and left the preparation after making two attempts. After getting married, she concentrated herself to family and giving maximum attention to her two daughters.

Husband of Priyanka Singh Rawat

Priyanka is married to 2007 batch Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officer Mr. Raghunath Rawat. It was a love cum arrange marriage.
Unlike Priyanka, Raghunath has very little interest in the active politics and has always ensured to be not seen with Priyanka in the entire campaigning. Though, the couple is in deep love.

Caste of Priyanka Singh Rawat

The surname of Priyanka confuses people about her caste. It seems that she is a Thakur by caste. However, that is not true. She comes from a scheduled caste background.


Priyanka got mired in a controversy soon after the staggering success of Narendra Modi in 2014 Lok Sabha Election. She had appointed her father as MP representative. However, Narendra Modi had made it clear that no MP should give a post to relatives. Priyanka later removed her father to keep off unnecessary controversy.


  1. Anonymous5:12 AM

    she comes from the great pasi veers caste,do u heard about maharaja bizli pasi and you people are third class because india is still not developing due to thinkers and writers like you.she is the mool nivasi

    1. By the time I know her ,She is a ill mannered women who doesn't know how to talk to officers and has no respect for then even when her husband is an IRS officer. And she is backward class and scheduled caste like you.

  2. Good & correct info.


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