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Roma Asrani: Profile, Boyfriend, Family, Age and Height

The name Asrani creates a sort of nostalgia among Indians because of that short heighted Jailer in epic Hindi movie Sholay. There is another Asrani who is making waves throughout Southern India, particularly in Kerala. She is Roma Asrani – beautiful and talented Indian actress.

As the name Indicates, Roma is not a South Indian. She is a Sindhi. However, the way she is working in South Indian movies, makes everyone wonder about her grip on linguistic culture of South India.

Profile of Roma Asrani

Roma Asrani was born on 25th August, 1984 in a conservative Sindhi family. Her father is a businessman in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Because of this, she was brought up in South India and has completed her education from Trichy. Being one of the most beautiful girls in school and later college, she was always admired by guys hanging around. She was also aware of her immensely gorgeous face and was determined to become a model.

It was not tough for Roma to get some modeling assignments. However, the major breakthrough came in 2005 when she signed Mr. Errababu, a Telugu language movie. Since then, there isn’t any looking back.

Roma Asrani has also ensured to work only on a subject where she is supposed to do something. She always looks for powerful roles and because of this fact the list of her films isn’t that much long. She also never hesitates from giving bold scenes. It should be noted that people still remember Notebook, a super hit Malayalam movie because of her.

Boyfriend of Roma Asrani

Roma Asrani has never been short of boyfriends. She keeps changing boyfriend ever since her school days. None of her boyfriend stuck with her for long and the reason, it is widely believed, is Roma Asrani herself.

Roma was also once seen kissing her boyfriend in a night club. She was unaware of the fact that someone is taking pictures. She kissed the guy, hugged him and made lots of improper advances.


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