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Alka Lamba and Sahara: Truth Vs. Hype

Alka Lamba, the firebrand, beautiful and also useless leader of AAP, was recently in news for something not related to her. When AAP and Congress were demanding a probe in a so called diary entry of a Sahara employee allegedly giving money to Gujarat CM (the then Narendra Modi), a post on social media goes viral. In this post, Alka Lamba is seen with Sahara chief Subrato Roy. A post going viral on Facebook says that Alka Lamba was asking for donation from Subrato Roy Sahara. While the other post being violently shared at Twitter says that Alka was an employee of Sahara Samay and was handpicked by Rahul Gandhi.

Alka Lamba with Subrato Roy Sahara

Relationship of Alka Lamba and Sahara

There is no denying that a sane person can never give an iota of respect to Alka Lamba for what she had done to her husband and little son. But, that is her family matter. 

There are many examples in the Indian politics where aspirations led leaders to crush their own family members.

However, making wild allegation against her without any proof is something wrong and should be rejected.

In the photo given here which is being shared on social media, Alka Lamba is being seen with Subrato Roy Sahara. However, the truth lies somewhere else.

Alka was there to collect funds – not for AAP, but for NGO – Go India Foundation. She was linked with this NGO.

Further, this photo was taken on April 2013 while Alka Lamba had joined AAP only in December, 2013. Hence, there is no possibility of her asking for funds for AAP from Subrato Roy Sahara.

Further, there is no record available in the public domain which suggests that Alka had ever worked with Sahara Samay, or for that matter any of Sahara companies. In fact, she has been in politics from her college days. She was the President of Delhi University Students Union and was a Congress member since then.


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