Andrey Karlov: Profile, Family and Murder Details

Andrey Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, has been shot dead at an art gallery in Ankara. He was visiting the gallery and was enjoying some of the scintillating arts where he was supposed to deliver a speech when a man wearing suit and tie come to him. The man first shouted, ‘We Die in Aleppo, You Die Here’. He fired bullet and Mr. Andrey Karlov fell on the spot. The ambassador was immediately rushed to the hospital where doctor declared him brought dead.

The relationship between Turkey and Russia is not good in recent times. And, this incident may become another bone of contention.

In the war against Islamic terrorism, Russia and Assad are increasingly being seen as ‘good guys’. They have already neutralized IS in the large part of Aleppo. Islamic fundamentalists are not able to digest this fact. They are blaming Russia for this of IS debacle which may become a harbinger of the ending of this terrorist organization widely seen as the biggest threat to the global peace.

It should be noted that the USA and European countries have lost plot in the Syrian land. They first tried to dethrone Assad government and in the process was increasingly seen as helping Baghdadi led IS. It is Russia which had come to the rescue and tried to do something good for the humanity and peace.

Mr. Andrey Karlov was married and living in Ankara with his wife and children. He was a great personality and will be sorely missed in the diplomatic circle of Moscow. The scum is also now killed after short exchange of fire. He may enjoy with 72 virgin girls in the Jannat.

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