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Did Sasikala Kill Jayalalitha?

Jayalalitha death has come as a crude shock for millions of her followers. That she was hospitalized for 74 days and hence had a natural death also not able to pacify the suspicious brewing among people. How come a sitting Chief Minister who had inaugurated the Chennai Metro Rail on 21st September was silently admitted to Apollo Hospital never to return? How can a simple fever and dehydration problem – as said by Apollo for reason of hospitalization – lead to her death with the best medical team available at her disposal? What about embalming dots on her cheeks?

Did Sasikala Kill Jayalalitha?

A Whatsapp message has gone viral over the social media where eminent lawyer Krishnamoorthy is heard discussing various angle of Jayalalitha death. He seems to directly blaming Sasikala for this unfortunate incident. You can heard him in the embed You Tube video in this post.

Calling someone murderer without any proof at hand is not proper. Many of followers of Jayalalitha are still ready to bestow trust of Sasikala just because she was the most trusted person of their Amma.

However, one should never forget that Tehalka had once published a cover story where it was disclosed that Sasikala was going ahead with ‘slow poisoning’ Jayalalitha. The then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi is said to have tipped Jayalalitha about this who in turn asked Sasikala and her family to leave Poes Garden home. Few months later, Sasikala was taken back into the party when she publicly disowned her relatives who were said to be behind all those drama.

Sasikala never filed any defamation suit against Tehalka for that story. Did she repeat everything again?

Sasikala During Hospitalization of the Chief Minister

The conduct of Sasikala during the entire phase of Jayalalitha hospitalization was making people angry. She was the controlling authority of everything and all rumors getting viral over the social media happened because of foolish conduct of Sasikala. She has allegedly prevented even the Governor and ministers from seeing Amma. She was not allowing anyone to enter Jayalalitha room, the most powerful politicians could have expected during protracted hospitalization was access to the floor – not room.

Even after Amma’s death, Sasikala tried to be as close as possible to the dead body. Further, she controlled everything. It seems that the announcement of the death was delayed till a deal was brokered.

Sasikala family is already termed as a mafia in the Tamil Nadu politics. There are many allegations of nepotism, corruption and shady business deals against this family.
After the burial of Jayalalitha, Mr. Nataraja – husband of Sasikala – came to the limelight. He was seen discussing important political points with prominent AIADMK leaders. It should be noted that Natarajan was always perceived as a conman by Jayalalitha.

Coming back to the point, there are many unresolved questions in the death of Jayalalitha. Calling someone as murdered may not be appropriate. But, there is also no doubt that people should know behind the real reason of death of their beloved leader. 

Jayalalitha had reportedly issued a statement few days before her death that she is absolutely fine and she considers it as her rebirth. And, few days later she died. How? Cardiac Arrest? Remember, Apollo had issued a statement on 4th December that Jayalalitha is now absolutely fine and will start working within one week. Did Apollo issue that medical bulletin without checking vitals of Jayalalitha? 


  1. Everyone knows Sesikala killed Amma.. government need to punish her

  2. Prime minister Modi should follow Ms Gautami letter and send CBI to investigate including the conduct of Apollo chief and not worry about 37 MP of ADMK

  3. Modi only can find out sasikalas murder plan so modiji pls take this case in your hands

  4. We lost our AMMA
    She is lioness
    We all must take proscession
    If we leave this issue god will never forgive
    I know this is big game

    May his sole rest in peace

    1. Anonymous10:56 PM

      "HIS"? Don't you know AMMA is a lady?

  5. Anonymous3:32 PM

    no doubt sasikala took the dead body to Apollo and cheated every one in India

  6. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Everyone knows that Jayalalitha was killed by Sasikala they did not show Jayalalitha when she was in hospital , There are lot of secrets and appollo hospital also is involved in hiding facts. we need to know the true story. A woman who used to run a video casette shop suddenly wants to be in powere . Some thing fishy is there guess CBI should check on this.

  7. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Sasikala is the killer... please someone find the truth and put her in jail....

  8. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Hang Sasikala in public. She is the one culprit. It looks like PM also involved in it. It well Planned executed murder.

  9. Anonymous12:07 PM

    HANG SASIKA. The murderer. Cbi investigation should happen. Other ppl will lose hope on law if this is the situation for the cheif minister jaya itself

  10. Most of the people in TN are suspicious about the death of Jayalalitha. Why they cant investigate the footage vedio of Apollo? That can reveal all the truth

  11. Everybody knows Sasikala did it. But do any single one of you here think Modi will take action against Sasikala? He only takes action against AAP guys. He never took acti against Robert Vadra OR Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi against whom Modi said they had black money and illegal business and also links with KGB/CIA/etc.

  12. Anonymous6:37 AM

    A maid in Poes garden saw Sasikala kicking Jaya on her back when they had arguments about Sasi wanting to be the Secretary of ADMK. Jaya lost her pulse after falling down, the maid who saw her on floor was locked up for many days.
    She somehow escaped few days back and reported it some news agencies which was dumped by Sasi group.
    This is 1000% true and take it seriously. All we can do is just spread it.

  13. This murder was pre-planned as PM Modi with Sasikala are there.

  14. There are five questions that came into picture after Apollo released a press meet before day of Sasikala becoming a CM.
    1. Why there are no CCTV Cameras in Jayalalitha room?This lays the first path that Sasikala has planned to kill her without any notice.
    2.The person who is CM can't she have a regular check-up.Why all of sudden jaya has been moved to hospital.So here we can make out that some thing is wrong.
    3.Even TN Governor or chief politicians of India are not allowed to see her.Did Sasikala take control of everything as hospital ? Then why governor is not allowed to see her ? Why apollo hospital doctors lied that Jayalalitha showed thumb to Governor saying that she is fine?And governor says no to it.Governor says i wasn't allowed to see her then how can i see whether thumb is shown or how is amma.This is a different thing that we can make out something is wrong with the hospital people or Jaya.
    4.According to the health buliten that was released when jaya got admitted in hospital, She needs to be migrating to London for better treatment.Then why didn't they move her.Why doctors always kept on lieing?This we can make it a good point.
    5.There were two dots on Jaya cheek that everyone saw very clearly.Is that due to a plastic surgery or any?The doctors even lied on this aspect.They told when this question has been raised by a press reporter that "There are no marks on amma face.This is so strange that you all say".

    Also there is a doubt why this press meet was held.This is also sasikala plan to become CM with people support that she is not the person responsible for Amma's death.

    So everyone please think on this.

  15. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Everyone suspects the conspiracy angle. But we should also think why the Govt at centre remains a mute spectator. May be they want to use this to their advantage.

  16. God has to punish the culprit....common people do not hv right to talk....or action The above comment are true....but wht we can do

  17. Sasikala the great vamp of Tamil politics and her husband has killed Amma.Probably the killing took place 3 months back.
    Lord save Tamil Nadu from demons and vamps like Sasikala and Natrajan.

    1. Dude,how did Nataraja kill Amma?Well,he might have but note one point that sasikala didn't let anyone in the hospital room so how did the husband get in the room to kill her,and amma might have passed away along time like 2 weeks ago and sasikala might have hidden the truth about AMMA!


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