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Dr. C. D. Ravindranth, Astrologer: Profile and Jayalalitha Death Prediction

Dr. C. D. Ravindranth is a prominent astrologist of India. He is actually not a sort of conventional astrologer. Astrology is also not his main profession. However, he has made some of the most mind boggling prediction in the recent past. His articles regularly appear in Modern Astrology Magazine where he offers an insight into the future based on his assessment of various astrological factors.

Profile of C. D. Ravindranth

As mentioned above, C. D. Ravindranth is not a professional astrologer. It is just his passion, a sort of hobby. He keeps on advising people around him free of cost. He also writes articles in many magazines and journals.

Recently, C. D. Ravindranth was in news for his accurate prediction about late J. Jayalalitha.

When Amma was fighting her last battle at the Apollo Hospital, C. D. Ravindranth wrote an article in the Modern Astrology magazine where he discussed possibilities based on the position of graha and nakshatra. He discussed everything logically and predicted that it will be quite tough for Jayalalitha to come out of this quagmire.

The ending of Jayalalitha also came as describe in his prediction. You can read his entire assessment in the image attached with this post.

On a side note, Tamil Panchangam has also predicted that a powerful woman in power will die in 2016. The Panchangam was published in 2015. Following is the image of the relevant part.

It should be noted that Panchangam has not mentioned the name. It has just said that a prominent woman politician will die. While C. D. Ravindranth has clearly mentioned about Jayalalitha.

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  1. Great to know what is the contact point for this astrologer

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM

    please let me know the contact details of C.D. Ravindranath Astrologer.

  3. Anonymous3:14 AM

    any contact details?

  4. I d Contacted him. I was told to lay Rs 2000 by him. I d paid immediately.He mentioned that he will assess my horoscope and address my issues after 10 days.After 10 days while I d Contacted him after a lot of persuade he sent some answers.I d also requested for my wife's health requirements.Rs 2000 that I d paid him was also for my wife's requirement.While I sought clarification for my wife's point he started abusing me. This is my experience with me.

    1. Please refer to my previous post.
      I have transferred the amount by Internet banking ,whose details were sent by Dr Ravindra math by E mail.

  5. The food that you eat tastes differently for every mouth....

  6. Anonymous10:20 AM

    You say Tamil panchangam... There are many.. can you name which panchangam came up with this prediction???

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