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Embalming and Jayalalitha Dead Body: An Unresolved Mystery?

The Apollo Hospital announced the sad demise of Jayalalitha saying that the Chief Minister breathed her last at 11:30 PM of 5th December. The burial was done the next day evening and the body was kept for public viewing throughout the day. Some pictures of Body depicted four holes/dots on the left cheek of Jayalalitha. Amid serious speculations and rumors surrounding the death of Jayalalitha, this picture has gone viral on the Internet.

As you can see in the above picture, four dots – encircled in a red circle – is clearly visible. This is a clear indication that embalming has been done on the body of Jayalalitha to preserve the body. It is not as such a shocking thing as embalming is quite common and has been done on the dead body of many celebrities in the past. The body is preserved through this process so that fans and followers can see it and give their last respect.

Why Was Embalming Done on the Body of Jayalalitha?

This is very tedious question. As mentioned above, it is quite a common process and practiced throughout the world on the dead body of celebrities. The intention is to preserve the body – simple. In the recent press meet organized by Apollo Hospital, it was revealed by doctor that embalming was indeed done on the body of Jayalalitha. Doctor said that it was done to keep the body fresh for the entire day so that people can give last respect to the departed soul.

However, people are unable to digest that there was any need of embalming on the dead body of Jayalalitha. The burial was planned on the evening of very next day – just 17 hours after the death (4:30 PM – 6th December). This duration doesn’t require any sort of embalming. The body was going to be perfect for this duration given the prevalent weather condition of Chennai.

It seems very likely that Jayalalitha was dead much before the time when it was announced. The embalming is a clear indication of this fact. The Tamil Nadu Government and Apollo Hospital must issue statement to clear the air surrounding this issue. There isn’t any privacy issue involved in this case and the people of India in general and Tamil Nadu in particular have rights to know the reason – medical – behind the death of Jayalalitha.


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    How long does it take to do embalming. Jaya died at 11.30 pm. Does Apollo hospital conduct embalming

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    It came to.know that embalming is done at night.. as per Govt instructions.. than who is the specialized doctor or person done the embalming...??.

  3. Can anyone answer to above question?

  4. Rigor mortis releases its stiffness about 30 hrs after death. Till then lower jaw were put with a bandage cloth. The lower jaw was in tact connected with till the body was at Rajaji hall. They were separated when the body was placed in the casket.That means death was well before 30 hours of reaching burial ground.

  5. Appollo has to be closed down and Pratap reddy should be jailed

    1. Anonymous3:08 AM


  6. It's dosent seem to be holes but dots or beauty spots which is famous in Indian traditional make-up culture. If it was to be holes made by a medical instrument, all four holes should have had the same size. But its not the case here. Because bluffing death by such a famous hospital can affect its credibility. She should have been on life support for all these days and death probably happened a day before announcement.

    1. people are not bothered about the credibility of a hospital who maintains secrecy of jayalalitha's death. we want to know truth.

  7. 4 holes may be meant to hold the head to do scan mri/ CT.

    1. Anonymous9:32 PM

      for an mri scan to be done there is no requirement of any holes

  8. 4 holes may be meant to hold the head to do scan mri/ CT.

  9. What does pratab reddy and sasikala think?. Do they think God is blind? Or tamilians are fools? Shortly they will be pinned by CBI. Very shortly, they will desire for death but will not die. GOD'S PUNISHMENT WILL FALL ON THEM AND SWALLOW THEM.

  10. The fact is Tamilans are fools. MODI is supporting this mystery.

    Why didn't these questions occur to us when Amma was announced dead. Why did we allow the last rights before the postmodern report was published.

  11. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Let the dead rest in peace and let us think about what needs to be done about the future of our state.

  12. Cbi inquiry should bexpect done to severely punish all the people behind this death plan and implementation


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