Love Story of Jayalalitha and Sobhan Babu

The unfortunate demise of Selvi Jayalalitha has left a void in the Indian politics in general and Tamil Nadu politics in particular. It will be really tough to fill the gap created by the sad departure of the iron lady of India. The death has also left many unanswered questions. In any case, J. Jayalalitha never showed any intension to give details about her personal life. Her relation with Sobhan Babu, the Telugu super star of 1970s is also quite enigmatic. People are well aware of Amma’s relationship with MGR, but her equation with Sobhan Babu is not known outside Southern States of India.

Love Story of Sobhan Babu and Jayalalitha

There is no denying that Jayalalitha was madly in love with Shobhan Babu. They had met first time in a filmy party in Chennai. Shobhan Babu used to live in Chennai those days. He was married and had children. However, Jayalalitha didn’t mind the relationship status of Shobhan Babu. She went ahead and tried her best to persuade her to fall for her.

At first, Shobahn Babu and Jayalalitha became good friends. They were not dating as such, but being seen together in many parties. They had never worked together in any film (though, they worked later in a Telugu movie – Doctor Babu which happens to be the last Telugu movie of Late Jayalalitha). The relationship started to raise eyebrows of media persons and columns were started to written about them. Once, Jayalalitha was seen watching Shobhan Babu through a binocular.

It is a known fact that Jayalalitha had proposed Sobhan Babu for marriage. However, Sobhan rejected the proposal on the spot saying that it is not possible for him to leave his wife and children. Jayalalitha didn’t lose hope and continued with her effort to persuade Sobhan Babu. Miffed with her overtures, Sobhan Babu decided to break all relationship with her.

This is called as a rejection by Sobhan Babu. However, seeing the fact that he was already married and never promised Jayalalitha to marry her, it may be wrong to call it a rejection. It is also believed that after getting the terse reply from Sobhan Babu, Jayalalitha had decided to not marry in future.

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