Mert Altintas: Profile and Girlfriend of Man Who Killed Russian Ambassador

M. Mert Altintas was a member of Turkish riot police member. He had easy access to the art exhibition. He went there in ruthlessly killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey Mr. Andrey Karlov.

Mert Altintas was later neutralized by other members of his own riot police and was first asked to surrender. The police wanted to arrest him for a thorough investigation. However, Mert was planning to follow the advise of Prophet Mohammen to have sexual intercourse with 72 virgin girls after killing some innocent people. He refused to surrender and even fired at the police. After around half an hour of encounter, the police killed him.

Altintas was shouting ‘Allah Akbar (God is Great!)’ which may not necessarily mean that he was associated with any terrorist group. Only a thorough probe can lead to exact affiliation. However, it definitely indicates association with Sunni Muslim and trying to exert identity while ruthlessly killing a veteran career diplomat.
It should also be noted that Altintas was also killed by Sunni Muslim – Turkey policemen.

The case of Mert Altintas is quite interesting. He was a smart guy with modern outlook. He was ambitious. Some of his friends say that since last six months, he had become quite introvert. He was not sharing public space with friends and was increasingly seen getting intertwined in his own world.

It seems he was in touch with some Islamic fundamentalist who was brain washing him.
This incident also shows the failed policy of Erdogan. Being the leader of the nation for such a long period, Erdogan has completely destroyed the mind of the next generation with his soft Islamist policies. He is on the path of ruining one of the most vibrant and secular countries of the modern world.

Girlfriend of Mert Altintas

Mert was living in Ankara with his family and girlfriend. It is said that his girlfriend has escaped. The police is searching for her so that they can get some vital information about the terrorist who was living as a police.

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