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Saravanan Ganeshan: Profile, Girlfriend and Murder

The death of Saravanan Ganeshan on 10th July, 2016 in Hauz Khas Delhi has always been termed as mysterious. It is quite shocking that in spite of circumstantial evidences for that being a murder, Delhi Police had pursued the case as suicide. His family members kept on demanding impartial probe without any success. Even the autopsy report which was done by AIIMS doctors had clearly suggested against the possibility of suicide.

Now, Delhi Police has registered a case of murder against unknown persons. The status of the case would have been different till now had Delhi Police listened to the demand of Ganeshan family.

Profile of Saravanan Ganeshan

Saravanan was born and brought up Tirupur District of Tamil Nadu. He has been a brilliant student throughout his academic career. His aim was to become a doctor and serve people in his home district. He first completed MBBS from Tirupur and later appeared for PG entrance exam of AIIMS. In his first attempt, he secured 74th rank and could only get Pathology. In the very next year, Saravananan again appeared in the entrance test and secured All India Rank of 47 which ensured him to get General Medicine, the course he always wanted to do. He took admission in 2016 only to be found dead in his apartment few days later on 10th of July.

Murder of Suicide?

The Delhi Police had initially claimed that Ganeshan had committed suicide. The modus operandi of suicide raised eyebrows. As per police, Ganeshan had injected heavy dose of Sodium Chloride in his blood stream for committing suicide. Why Saravanan would have chosen such a complex method to end his life? It was also quite obvious that this was a job of someone who understands medical science well.

Department of Forensic Medicine at AIIMS had clearly stated in its report that Mr. Ganeshan had not killed himself. The department further asked Police to do meticulous investigation, indicating that this is not an open and shut case.

It should also be noted that the family members had alleged a racket behind Ganeshan death. They had told media that the current market rate of admission in AIIMS is Rs. 5 Crores. Hence, Ganeshan was killed to make one seat vacant so that this huge sum of money can be collected from someone wealthy and powerful.