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Why Was Jayalalitha Buried, Not Cremated?

Late Jayalalitha was a Tamil Brahmin (Iyenger) by caste. As per the prevalent rituals, she should have been cremated. However, she has been buried. Many Hindus, especially in North India, are shocked to see that she is being buried like Christian and Muslims, and not cremated like Hindus.

It has been said that Jayalalitha had wished that her mortal remains should be buried, just like her political mentor MGR. It is believed that she had shared this with none other than her close friend Shashikala. However, it is very unlikely that Jayalalitha might have shared something like that. There is also no proof and it seems just a creation of Shashikala astute mind.

Death Certificate of Jayalalitha 

Following are two main reasons why Jayalalitha has been buried, not cremated:

1.     As per Dravidian Rituals and practices: It is widely believed that Jayalalitha has been buried as per the prevalent rituals of Dravidians. Being atheists (after Anna), Dravidians always prefer getting buried rather than going for cremation. Anna was also buried so was MGR and Karunanidhi will also be buried like Amma.

2.     To Keep off Political Heir: AIADMK leaders have said that since there is no heir of Jayalalitha, they are left with no option than this decision of burial. However, as we know, blood relatives – even distant – are enough to complete this ritual. There is one blood relative of Jayalalitha – Deepa Jayakumar. She is the daughter of Jayalalitha brother and she was trying to see her in the hospital since September 22nd. However, Shashikala didn’t allow it. Further, Shashikala didn’t want Deepa to take part in cremation which can give a message to millions of Jayalalitha followers in Tamil Nadu that Deepa is the heir of Jayalalitha. It is to kill any possibility of Deepa taking the stage left by the demise of Amma. Obviously, it has also been planned by none other than Shashikala.

The decision to bury the mortal remains of Jayalalitha has been done precisely for the second reason. It is the handiwork of Shashikala, who has tried her best to be present near the body of Jayalalitha. She wanted to send a message to Tamil supporters that she is the political heir of Amma, not OPS or Deepa.


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